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The New Trailer for Arcane, the Series Inspired by the Legendary League of Legends, a Worldwide Success!

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The New Trailer for Arcane, the Series Inspired by the Legendary League of Legends, a Worldwide Success!

If you don’t know what to do next this summer and you’ve already spent all your money on online gambling at Online gambling USA, you might be interested in this news that has just been released. A few weeks before the official release of Arcane, a new trailer was released by Riot Games to mark the 10th anniversary of League Pro Legends. Although the announcement of the series had delighted fans of the LoL license, the health crisis had impacted the release of the animated series. Announced for next fall, Arcane is revealed a little more in a new trailer very well constructed. Look back at the successful Arcane and League of Legends series around the world.

New Clues to the Plot Thanks to the Trailer

After a first video called “A score to settle” and published last June, Riot Games has just unveiled a new video: “War of Two Cities”, on the 10th-anniversary ceremony of LPL (League of Legends Pro League). Broadcast on Netflix, the animated series will notably highlight Jinx and VI, two emblematic characters of the license. Riot Games has offered us this new trailer, and the good news is that this famous trailer finally gives new clues to the plot!

Towards a Class Struggle?

If we have known for a while that the story of Arcane is focused on Jinx and Vi, on their relationship and more precisely, on the event that separated them, we can now, thanks to this new trailer, raise new hypotheses about the plot of the series. It now seems obvious that beyond the clash between the two champions, it will be, in addition to a clash between Piltover and Zaun, a class struggle between those of the upper, the haves of Piltover, and those of the down, the workers of Zaun. Therefore, we can think that Vi chose the order (her nickname is the bang of Piltover) while Jinx preferred to stay in her hometown; this choice could be at the origin of their separation but could also have had place before they tear themselves apart. The two cities will therefore come into conflict to defend their respective ideals and their very distinct lifestyles. Which side will you side with?

League of Legends: A Worldwide Success for Over Ten Years!

After ten years of making League of Legends its only successful video game, a multiplayer online battle arena, on the computer, the American publisher Riot Games has come a long way. Last year, it launched Legends of Runeterra (LoR), an online “trading card” game in open beta since late January on Windows only. Five other online video games (Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, Project L, Wild Rift, TBA) were released during 2020 on computers, smartphones, and consoles. Like LoL, each of these was developed to last for over a decade as an online blockbuster. Today, the Los Angeles firm, which French Nicolas Laurent, alias Nicolo, had run for more than three and a half years, has therefore embarked on developing the animated series called Arcane. Riot is also building the world of Runeterra through multimedia projects on music, comics, board games, promises the American publisher, a subsidiary of Chinese Tencent since 2011.

LoL generated over $ 1.5 billion in 2020

According to research firm SuperData (Nielsen Group), League of Legends brought Riot Games more than $ 1.5 billion last year, up more than 6% yearly. This still places LoL, a little over ten years after its launch, in the fourth position in the world free-to-play market, behind the top three: Fortnite from Epic Games (1.8 billion), Dungeon Nexon’s Fighter Online (1.6 billion), Tencent’s Honor of Kings (1.6 billion). While Fortnite has fewer players than League of Legends, Fortnite computer gamers are more than twice as likely to spend money on in-game content as League of Legends audiences, SuperData reports, numbered 87. $ 1 billion total global free-to-play revenue last year, up 6%. With its powerful Chinese parent company Tencent (the “T” of BATX also owning 40% of Epic Games at the origin of Fortnite, 84% of the Finnish Supercell, 5% of Activision Blizzard or even 5% of the French Ubisoft), the ambitious Riot has not finished surprising us.

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