The New Xpeng P5: Price, Features, and Design Updates

headline">Xpeng P5: A Refreshed Model with Enhanced Features

Kuai Technology – September 25

Xpeng Technology announced the official launch of the highly anticipated Xpeng P5, which offers two configuration models at a competitive price range of 156,900 to 174,900 yuan.

Subtle Design Enhancements

In terms of design, the new Xpeng P5 presents subtle yet impactful changes. The front bumper area has been modified, giving the car a more robust and commanding appearance compared to its predecessor. The rounded style has been replaced with a more streamlined and sophisticated outlook. Furthermore, the redesigned radar system adds to the harmonious and simplistic overall aesthetic of the vehicle.

Streamlined Dimensions

The Xpeng P5 boasts impressive dimensions, measuring 4860mm in length, 1840mm in width, and 1520mm in height. Although there is a mere 52mm increase in length compared to the previous model, the wheelbase remains unchanged at 2768mm. The side profile retains its sleek fastback shape and features concealed door handles. These enhancements contribute to improved aerodynamics, resulting in a reduced wind resistance of 0.218. Additionally, the new model offers two captivating color options: crescent silver and interstellar green.

Refined Interior Design

While the interior design remains largely unchanged, it continues to impress with its contemporary layout. Due to time and financial constraints, extensive mold modifications were deemed impractical for this facelift. The Xpeng P5 preserves its current design, including a 12.3-inch LCD instrument display and a prominent 15.6-inch vertically-oriented central control screen. Notably, all models come standard with electric sun shades, while the Pro model introduces seat heating and ventilation features.

Efficient Powertrain

Both configurations of the Xpeng P5 are equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motors. With a maximum power output of 155kW and a peak torque of 310N·m, the vehicle offers reliable performance and efficiency. The CLTC-rated battery life allows for an impressive range of 500 kilometers.

A Niche Model with Limited Fanfare

Compared to Xpeng’s recent launches, such as the G6 and G9 models, the Xpeng P5 appears to cater to a more specific target audience. Its release lacked the grandiose press conference typically associated with new vehicle launches. Instead, Xpeng opted for a direct sale approach, which emphasizes the model’s relatively average positioning within their lineup. However, the Xpeng P5 sets the stage for potential advancements and innovations in future generations.

Source: Kuai Technology

Author: Luo Mu

Kuai Technology reported on September 25 that the new Xpeng P5 has been officially launched, with a total of two configuration models launched.Price: 156,900-174,900 yuan.

This is a facelift model, and the changes are not particularly big. In terms of appearance, the new model has modified the front bumper area, making the overall look more severe. The old model’s style is too round changed. The radar has also been changed. has been cancelled, and the overall look and feel is more harmonious and simple.

a new carLength, width and height are 4860/1840/1520mm respectively.the body length has increased by 52mm compared to the current model, the wheelbase remains unchanged at 2768mm, and the side has not changed much. It still has a fastback shape and is use hidden door handles. It’s a small thing. The renewed shape makes the wind resistance of the new car reach 0.218, the energy consumption performance is better, and new crescent silver and interstellar green colors are added .

Basically the interior has not changed much and still adopts the current design. After all, time is short and re-opening the mold requires too much money, which a little unrealistic. It has a full 12.3-inch LCD instrument size aa 15.6-inch vertical central control Large screen, all models come standard with electric sun shades, a split flight headrest for the front seats, and the model Pro has upgraded front seat heating/ventilation.

The power aspect is also very simple, and both models have permanent magnet synchronous motors.The maximum power is 155kW, the peak torque is 310N·m, and the battery life (CLTC) is only 500 kilometers..

Compared to the new G6 and the new G9, the new P5 launched this time seems a bit “only” It didn’t even have a serious press conference and it was launched in directly on sale, which also reflects the importance that Xiaopeng gives to this car The grade is relatively average After all, this is indeed Xiaopeng’s least significant model. If you want to make drastic changes, you can only hope for the next generation.

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