The New York Times gets a new way to encourage Minnesota

The New York Times gets a new way to encourage Minnesota

Minneapolis skyline cycling

The New York Times continues to get its way into Minnesota's bad books, and this time a political editor at the newspaper who convicts Minneapolis city.

Minnesotan's Wednesday Wednesday was the Deputy Editor of the NYT, Jonathan Weisman, who sent it a tweet which he subsequently set out and clarified.

It came among discussions about traffic from former US senator for Missouri Claire McCaskill that “free things from government were not playing well in the Midwest” regarding Medicare-For-All.

Responding to it were Waleed Shahid's Democratic strategies, indicating that there are two of the most progressive representatives in the House, Reps, Ilhan Omar from Minneapolis and Rashida Tlaib from Detroit, the Midwest and are determined to Medicare-For-All, also notes that “Medicare and Social Security entitlements” are playing very well ”in the Midwest.


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