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Nintendo Switch”platoon 3
You can change the main weapon and gear, and change the way you fight.Trial and errorAren’t many people saying?
Speaking of the place where you can fully show the result of polishing your arms in the usual territorial battles, bankara games, and salmon runs,Festival” isn’t it.
In 2023, the 3rd festival “What is your favorite taste? spicy vs sweet vs sourheld it, and it was splendidThe “sweet” team has won!
The author was a “spicy” team, so it’s bitter, nopainful resultcame theRevengeThe opportunity to do it will come soon!
“Splatoon 3”The 4th festival has been decided!

“Splatoon 3” 3rd festival will be held at the beginning of the year! Yobi Matsuri begins at the end of the year!

What chocolate do you like? The 4th Festival is Valentine’s Day!

After all this is chocolate!bitter vs milk vs white
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4th “Splatoon 3” festivalFebruary 11, 2023 (Saturday) 9:00 ~ February 13, 2023 (Mon) 9:00It was decided that it will be held on the schedule of
Speaking of mid-February, boys and girls are excitedvalentine’s dayHowever, this festival seems to be associated with Valentine’s Day.
The theme of the 4th festival is “After all this is chocolate!bitter vs milk vs white“in!
Even if you say chocolate in one bite, it’s a difficult problem because there are various flavors and tastes.
Feeling the bitterness of an adultbitter“or sweet and rich”milkor a slightly different kind of “WhiteOr, which chocolate do you prefer?
At the festival, the color of the ink is determined by the faction you voted for,Ink when “White” is selectedI’m worried what will happen.
Yobi Festival“teethFebruary 3, 2023 (Gold) 17:00It will start from
Every time the catalog level goes up by 1 after voting and receiving Fes T,”conch shell” can be accepted and used for lottery in the lobby.
Of course, this time also, the number of “Horagai” was acquiredAffects festival outcomesSo let’s vote as soon as the “Yobi Festival” starts and win conch shells!
Check the official website for “Splatoon 3”!

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