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“DJ Online” Shipping Shareholders’ Meeting will be unveiled in May, what do you think of the peak season market?

MoneyDJ News 2022-05-20 12:53:29 Reporter Liu Wanqing reported on five shipping companies that have attracted much attention from the market: Evergreen (2603), Yang Ming (2609), China Airlines (2610), Wanhai (2615), and Evergreen (2618) By coincidence, they all chose to hold the annual shareholders’ meeting in late May. Since the second half of the year is the traditional peak season for transportation demand, the outside world is paying more attention to how the five major domestic shipping companies evaluate the peak season demand this year. EVA Air and China Airlines are actively adjusting their fleets. While relying on the cargo business to support profits this year, they are also actively preparing for the expected unblocking of the passenger market; Container Sanxiong will increase its own transportation capacity and deepen the market conditions due to loose freight rates. Alliance cooperation to improve operational efficiency. During the peak season for the shareholders meeting, this year, the five major domestic shipping companies, the three container giants Evergreen, Yang Ming, Wan Hai and the aviation two heroes, China Airlines and Evergreen Airlines, have all elected to hold their annual shareholders meeting in May. The schedule of the shareholders meeting of the five major shipping companies in the next two weeks is as follows: 5 It was unveiled by China Airlines and Wan Hai on May 26, followed by the Yangming Shareholders’ Meeting on May 27, and EVA Air and Evergreen Airlines took over on May 30 and May 31. Looking back on the first quarter of this year, all three of the container giants set a new record for single-quarter profits, while the two airlines still delivered solid profit performance in the off-season, and their operations were all dazzling, which also gave investors a sense of the overall operational performance of the shipping industry this year. More expectations, and more attention to the views of various companies in the shareholders’ meeting on the upcoming peak transportation season in the second half of the year.From the point of view of air transportation, the two heroes of aviation still need to rely on the cargo business this year, and passenger planes carry cargo.

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