The next Mac mini will evolve so much !? (May 27, 2021) | BIGLOBE News

Image: FRONT PAGE TECH / YouTube
It can be slippery.
The Mac mini was just updated last year, but the next Mac mini may have a major overhaul in design and functionality.
A video posted by well-known leak account Jon Porsser shows the cool next Mac mini with the new processor M1X. According to Bloomberg, this M1X is equipped with a 10-core CPU and 16-32 core GPU, and will be an upgraded model of the M1 chip that supports up to 64GB RAM.
According to the video, the next Mac mini will adopt a next-generation design. It seems that a reflective surface material such as glass is used for the upper part of the aluminum body. In addition, Thunderbolt (USB4) x 4, USB-A x 2, HDMI, Ethernet are adopted as external ports, and MagSafe charging connector like the latest iMac is also installed.

Image: FRONT PAGE TECH / YouTube
Prosser also reports that the current Mac mini will continue to be sold as an entry model. I would like to expect price cuts here as well.
Image: FRONT PAGE TECH / YouTube via 9to5Mac



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