The next storm starts in Monday, 6 things

In a way, you know that you do not want the forecast you are about to see when the National Weather Service says, "Speak deep breath before you read on …"

Well, Michigan's friends, that is the deep-winter point we have made: a storm rollercoaster with three of its four systems that Michigan will expect to come into the next 10 days.

Get rid of your hands and crush – if we're still in the fun of the fun park – as the first of these storms will be retired three nights on Monday and last until Wednesday early.

The NWS wants it to be a "significant weather system". Snow packs, freezing rain and gusty winds are a mixture. It is probably Tuesday's worst, with a high wind and snow flowing with poor visibility on the roads.

But there are a number of things that are not yet clear, although we are going to get the start for this storm:

** The storm trail and precise timing: Decide what kind of relief your area will get, and when you see a snow change in rain.

** How many snow / ice can see each area of ​​the state?

So, this is a system that we need to look closely today and Monday soon to see how the business forecast goes up – and what it means to you.

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