The NHSO accepts delivery of the letter. “Breast Cancer Patient Club” adds benefits for targeted drugs Treatment of metastatic breast cancer |

The NHSO secretary receives the presentation of the letter. “Thailand Breast Cancer Patient Club” proposes to increase the benefits of “targeted drugs” for patients with metastatic breast cancer. access to effective treatment increase quality of life Willing to expand to include necessary examination and treatment services for rapid access to treatment.

At the National Health Security Office – on May 30, 2023 Chadet Thammatatcha-aree, MD, secretary general of the National Health Security Office (NHSO). Having received an offer from Mrs. Orawan Owararin, president and founder of the Thai Cancer Patient Club. together with club representatives to ask the NHSO to consider adding targeted drugs in the National Health Security Benefits (30 baht gold card) for the treatment of metastatic cancer.

problems and needs of breast cancer patients

Mrs said of listening to the problems and needs of breast cancer patients when accessing targeted drug therapy In the discussion under the heading “Aiming for better breast cancer treatment” on March 31, 2023, which has a representative group of patients. cancer specialist Representatives from the National Cancer Institute and representatives from the NHSO were present. But they found that the service benefits available Highly effective metastatic treatment has not yet been covered. especially targeted drugs The two treatment rights in all systems are not equal. difference Only civil servants have access to it. Even if it is for individual approval. Other rights include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and anti-hormonal drugs only. This is despite the fact that targeted drugs are very therapeutic and have been clinically proven to improve the quality of life and prolong a patient’s life.

Monitoring and Diagnostic Benefits

Monitoring and Diagnostic Benefits Department It was found that patients with metastatic breast cancer who needed early access to testing and treatment were not included. Reduce mortality, including PET Scan, CT Scan, MRI, Genetic Testing (detection of appropriate drugs) in order to access appropriate and timely treatment. In addition, let’s The NHSO is improving the data storage and forwarding system in the Cancer Anywhere application to make the transfer of information and patient referrals more efficient. Because in the past, there were still delays in arranging appointments for treatment. with a lack of coordination and transfer of patient information between hospitals

“From this problem especially access to targeted drugs Breast Cancer Patient Club of Thailand Therefore submitting a letter to the NHSO to add and improve the efficiency of patient care. In the meantime, the club also submits this letter to the Social Security Office on the same issue.”

Ireel Traisarnsri, vice president of the Thailand Breast Cancer Patient Club said Representing metastatic breast cancer patients with access to effective targeted drugs On my own, breast cancer was diagnosed at the age of 27 and is currently 40 years old, has been treated since the beginning. Until the metastasis in 2017, it is said that he has been with the metastasis for 6 years. The cancer has spread to the lungs, liver, bones and brain. But receiving powerful and effective targeted drugs, making a good quality of life Being able to work and take care of the family benefits the country

“In fact, it uses gold patents and uses the available portion according to the available benefits. But when it comes to the advanced stage the doctor recommends to use targeted drugs. but benefits are not included Fortunately, the house is enough to have the capital to come and take care of it. which allowed us to survive the epidemic until today to have a good quality of life So, he has joined the campaign for other patients with metastatic breast cancer. have access to targeted drugs as well along with mental care So he came to present a letter to NHSO today,” said the vice president of the Breast Cancer Patients Club.

NHSO has a policy to support patients of all illnesses to access quality services and medical standards.

while Dr Jadet said In terms of principles to ensure that patients do not have problematic access to treatment, NHSO has a policy to support patients of all diseases to access quality services and medical standards. lead to a good quality of life But the inclusion of new drug items to the benefits of the gold card system According to the criteria, it must first be a drug listed on the National List of Essential Drugs. There will be a national committee on essential medicines to consider the efficacy and effectiveness of the drug treatment that patients should receive. Drug quality and standards Including patient safety while in terms of drug prices Although it is an expensive drug group, the NHSO has mechanisms to negotiate drug prices. In the past, he has negotiated many expensive medications and helped patients access treatment.

“However, the way NHSO will discuss with a Sub-Committee on Accounting for Major Drugs to create a system for bringing good drugs that have not entered the health insurance system Enter the system with’ the correct budget as soon as possible. By emphasizing participation, including patients, drug manufacturers and service providers. is to take care of the patient support mind to support the patient to live In the past, various patient clubs Including the Breast Cancer Patient Club, who are doing well and would like to continue coordinating the work,” said Dr Chadej.


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