The night of howling brutally closes the job in 2021 ! Cut grades Manchester United to chase Burnley

Manchester United returned to show another impressive form. After opening the home ground at Old Trafford, the 3-1 defeat to Burnley in the English Premier League on Thursday 30 December last. By grabbing three points in this match, the “Red Devils” added to 31 points, just four points behind fourth-placed Arsenal. And played less than 1 match with more than that, the Manchester United era Ralph Rangnick also spelled the word “lose”. Plus, since the sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, they have won 5 matches and drew 3 games in all competitions.

11 real ones

David de Gea : 6
There is almost no need to do any work. The stroke of the goal caused by an error in the defensive game

Aaron Wan-Bissaka : 5
Johann Gudmundsson’s shot blocked early in the game, but there were frequent misfires. Especially in the 89th minute, the ball returned to the back easily. But causing the team to lose a corner kick while the addition of the offensive game is not impressive

Eric Bailly : 6
At first play was strong, read the game well. But he made a mistake to touch the long ball, Aaron Lennon snatched it to shoot and hit the egg. However, his speed helped the team a lot. Unfortunately, there was an injury problem causing him to miss playing until the end of the game.

The night of howling brutally closes the job in 2021 !  Cut grades Manchester United to chase Burnley

Harry Maguire : 5
Still can not be relied on in the defensive line as before It also allowed Lennon to dribble in to shoot easily. In injury time, James Tarkowski struggled for a header, but luckily it caught De Gea.

Luke Shaw : 7
The form was frighteningly frightening. In particular, showing the speed of dribbling almost half the field to shoot the goal, but unfortunately a little off the side. play the game well and outstanding offensive game every time Manchester United comes up to the game on the left always get excited

Scott McTominay : 9
Open the door for the team to take the lead. Contributed to the second ball by shooting from a beautiful distance, but goal swept into the post and Ronaldo repeatedly followed into the goal. The second half also serves as a central driver. Great for finding empty spaces Had a chance to shoot from distance again, but was hit by Wayne Hennessey narrowly brushed over the crossbar.

The night of howling brutally closes the job in 2021 !  Cut grades Manchester United to chase Burnley

Nemanja Matic : 7
Acting as an excellent defensive midfielder, his calmness and experience help make the midfield of the team stand out. Importantly, it also allows McTominay to play the game to the fullest without worrying about the defensive game.

Mason Greenwood : 7
Run and break through into the penalty area well. try to score be determined pass the ball sharp But what is needed is when to shoot. and when to send to friends But overall it is considered a dangerous offensive line.

Jadon Sancho : 7
Day by day, the work is getting more outstanding. play with confidence Showing courage to run into the penalty area before a deflected shot, Ben Mee got into the goal, his speed tumbling through the game against Burnley and linking up with Shaw very well.

Cristiano Ronaldo : 8
Had an opportunity early in the game but unfortunately shot over the crossbar, however, “Hiado” assisted McTominay to score the first goal before pressing the goal for the team from a repeat of “McToo’s shot. ”

Edison Cavani : 6
Passed the ball for Greenwood to hit the full length, but was prevented by Hennessey. Not much influence in the team’s offensive game But try to run for empty spaces to create chances to score goals.

The night of howling brutally closes the job in 2021 !  Cut grades Manchester United to chase Burnley

Substitutes that have entered the field :

Raphael Waran (Instead of Eric Bailly, p. 66) : 5
Did not do much work. Because Burnley’s offensive game can’t do anything.

Diogo Dalot (In place of Mason Greenwood, p. 81) : 5
There is an opportunity to open the ball into the penalty area. but lacks accuracy

Fred (Instead of Cristiano Ronaldo, 93 p.m.): No points
There is not enough time to show the work.

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