The number of Steam players hit another peak! Hardware usage has also changed | XFastest News

Seeing that the epidemic has begun to reappear, everyone can stay at home again, and this has also caused the number of people on Steam to increase.

In November last year, the number of people online at the same time on Steam exceeded 27 million. According to official data from Steam, as of yesterday (9th), the number of people online at the same time exceeded 28 million, which is the current highest record.

According to official statistics, the top five most played games are:

1.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2.Dota 2
4.Apex Legends
5.Grand Theft Auto V

And in December last year, Steam also investigated the hardware equipment used by players. The most used was NVIDIA GeForce RTX 1060, accounting for 8.19%, ranking first; NVIDIA GTX 1650 was 5.97%, NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti was 5.75%, due to miners and Chip impact, 30 series graphics cards are ranked after 10, the most commonly used is NVIDIA GTX 3070, followed by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, the use rate of the processor has also increased by 0.82% after the launch of the intel 12 generation, accounting for 69.27% .


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