The nun may also be amazed by the “Orc Massage Shop” talking about the design of the mermaid H: I want to do it with dolphins ???? Isn’t it normal (laughing) | 4 Gamers

The adult game “Orc Massage” developed by the Taiwanese game team Torch Studio has been extremely well received after the Steam Early Access version was launched, and the game itself continues to develop subsequent updates. The next female to appear is known via the development log The guest is a mermaid, but the first released H animation seems to confuse some players.

According to the production progress of “Orc Massage Shop” in August, in addition to the additional content of Valerie’s furniture group, an additional H-sex animation of the mermaid was released. Since the body of the orc is too large, in some scenes, the invisibility effect will be used to ensure the safety of the mermaid The body will not be covered.

However, when the mermaid character came out, some players were already curious about how the H scene would be presented, because the mermaid still had humanoid legs when she first appeared, but she would retrieve the fish body when entering scene H. The interface between the orc and the mermaid is in the foreground, which caused confusion among a few gentlemen.

Yes, where is the junction point? Although many gentlemen have read the books of foreign mothers of various races, mermaids are indeed relatively rare, but this does not mean that there are no relevant reference materials in ancient and modern China and abroad.


At least in 1996, there appears to be an online article sharing “how to have sex with a dolphin”, and the article was also handed over to PTT by villagers for academic research.

Also, are humans and dolphins really possible? The BBC has reported that in an animal communication experiment funded by NASA in 1963, a woman named Margaret Howe Lovatt was constantly rubbed into heat by a male dolphin named “Peter”, proving that she can dolphins also produce sexual excitement for humans.

When the developer of “Orc Massage Shop” said that the design of the mermaid’s genitals was basically a reference to dolphins, and enthusiastically shared with me the academic knowledge of the dolphin sex guide, and finally added “Is it normal I want to have sex with dolphins (laughs))”.

Apart from the nun’s face popping up in my head, I felt like some kind of switch had inexplicably been turned on as a human being.



“Orc Massage Shop” is still in the early experience, and the mermaid content update is expected to be completed within this year, and interested men can pay attention.