The nurse warned that a good hand stretching tendons was blocking the way. wounded face CCTV finds a suspect – breaking news

nurse alarm riding a motorcycle on duty being stretched by a good hand across the road wounded face expecting a robbery Check the CCTV to find the suspect.

Date: 30 January 23, Miss Chanita (surname withheld), 41 years old, occupation as a nurse in a hospital Please draw attention to the scars on the face. arising from the tendon Ready to draw attention to the location of the accident. while riding a motorcycle to go to duty and ended up with a tendon rupture

Ms Chanita revealed that the complaint this time wants the public to be careful because it believes it was not a prank But it may be a reason to hope for a robbery. But fortunately, the journey is not fast, so the car does not fall. Don’t do it because if you break your neck, it could be serious or fatal.

Mr Thanapanich Amporn, 55, owner of a motorcycle repair shop, said he had fallen asleep during the incident. When I woke up in the morning, I knew about it. So let’s look back at the CCTV footage. But only the losers who run through are the most pictures I didn’t see when I was breaking by the tendon in the face. by seeing teenagers bending down to pick up something that never happened this type of incident just happened for the first time but I would like to warn if it’s a prank Well, don’t do it again. Other people are in trouble

Initially, investigative police officers of Phanat Nikhom Police Station went to the area to look for clues. and watching CCTV to follow the young people in the CCTV footage to investigate the real case

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