The nutritionist listed 13 types of starchy vegetables and 5 chestnuts which is equal to half a bowl of rice? | life

Queenie Lam, a nutritionist from Negimen, pointed out that there are 13 other starchy vegetables as well as rice noodles. Among them, eating 5 chestnuts is equivalent to the carbohydrate content of half a bowl of rice. The conversion table listed the carbon water of these 13 starchy vegetables, using half a bowl of rice as the unit of calculation to convert the serving size of the starchy vegetables above, which is useful for those who are losing weight.

Nutritionist Queenie posted on the “Nutrition Health” facebook page that starchy vegetables would be considered as a substitute for noodles and rice, but she would wonder if after eating sweet potatoes or baby potatoes she should eat less or not know how to estimate it? serving size. Queenie serves starchy vegetables in half a bowl of rice, the details are as follows:

Half a bowl of rice = 2.5 egg-sized sweet potatoes

Half a bowl of rice = 2.5 potatoes the size of an egg


Half a bowl of rice = 2.5 egg-sized pumpkins

Half a bowl of rice = half a bowl of Chinese yam

Half a bowl of rice = half a bowl of kudzu

Half a bowl of rice = half a bowl of dry beans online

Half a bowl of rice = 1.5 pieces of corn

Half a bowl of rice = 1.5 carrots

Half a bowl of rice = 1.5 onions

Half a bowl of rice = 1.5 heads of beets

Half a bowl of rice = 5 chestnuts

Queenie reminded that although similar portions can be substituted, and that starchy vegetables have more micronutrients than rice noodles, she does not recommend replacing staple foods such as rice noodles completely. Because flour noodles contain more minerals and vitamins, as well as high fiber and resistant starch content, it is easy to cause gas or indigestion. In addition, he reminded everyone that chestnuts are a high starch food. If it is calculated as a snack, the recommended serving size is around 5 capsules to avoid overeating.