The officer rushed to help a 1-year-old child who fell into a water pipe 15 meters deep.

The rescue team rushed to help a 1-year-old girl fall into a 15-metre deep pipe, as recently as 6:00am today, after penetrating through the pipe she already had. but he found that the young brother is lower than the hollow He must use human labor at least 2.5 meters deeper than where you are in order to help you rise.

Today (February 7), the “Thailand Disaster Response Association” page has posted a report after receiving a report of a child falling into an artesian well in a villager’s farm area. by stating that

“At 4:50 pm on February 6, 2023, the Mae Sot branch of the Tak Provincial Security Office received a report that a child had fallen into an underground well in a villager’s farm area. Rom Klao Sahamit Village, Village No. 5, Khiri Rat Sub-District, Phop Phra District, Tak Province, from initial enquiry, female, 1 year and 7 months old, farm worker’s child. After receiving the notice, he hastened to go and investigate. It was found to be an artesian tube about 30 cm wide and about 40 meters deep. He could not go down to help in the pipe. The child was alive and there was a cry below. At the point where the child stayed at a depth of about 10 m. and helps and liaises with related agencies
Support agencies
1. Payap Phop Phra Rescue Society
2. Administrative Organization of Khiri Rat Rescue Sub-District
3. Mae Sot Municipality
4. Tak Provincial Security Office, Mae Sot Branch

More details will be reported in the following order. The backhoe has now arrived. In the process of saving the little girl’s life It is an encouragement to the team and the victims.”

Later, at midnight The rescue also posted a message that, at 00:00, the rescue team checked the vital signs. It was found that the young brother was holding important signs.

And most recently, today (February 7), the Disaster Response Association’s Thailand page has posted a message to update the situation again.

“06.00 am, a hole 1.5 meters long, penetrate the pipe that the younger brother is already in But it was found that Nong is about 2.5 meters lower than the hole we had drilled through. Now I have to’ the team dug even more by manual labor, no less than 2.5 meters deeper than Nong. At the same time, Nong is still making noise. Crying from time to time.”

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