The official online tournament “KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series” will be held on June 23 (Thursday), the second half of the series! The Asian Regional Convention will be broadcast live in English and Japanese.


The popular “KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series” is finally in the second half of the series!
In the 5th round of the Asian Regional Tournament, in addition to the English commentary, the Japanese commentary will also be delivered!

The “KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series”, where fierce battles are fought every week in the three regions of Asia, North America, and Europe, will enter the second half of the series from the 5th round on Thursday, June 23, and will reach a climax. At the start of the 5th round of the Asian Regional Tournament, “WEEK 5”, in addition to the live English commentary so far, the live broadcast in Japanese will also be broadcast. Please take a look.

■ Delivery date and time
June 23, 2022 (wooden) 20:00~
■ Livestream URL
Japanese commentary (YouTube)
English commentary (YouTube)
■ Japanese live performers
Yukinosuke @yukinojoooo
Katsuji @redkillmaxima
Gama no Abura @gamanoabura_nsb
Eri @SSBU_Ellie

<KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series>

“KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series” is the official online competition of “KOF XV” jointly held by SNK Playmore Co., Ltd. and ten / o GK. Online competitions are held every Thursday in Asia, North America and Europe. Regional champions will be decided through a series of 9 races in each region. The tournament is based on points earned, and points are awarded according to the ranking of each tournament from Round 1 (WEEK 1) to Round 8 (WEEK 8). The top 8 players with total points will advance to Round 9 (WEEK 9 Final). Please join us.

We are currently accepting entries for Round 5 of the Asian Regional Tournament!

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Entry for Round 5 “WEEK 5” of the Asian Regional Tournament held at 20:00 on June 23 (Thursday) will be accepted until June 23 (Thursday) 18:30. If you have the Steam version of “KOF XV”, please feel free to join us.
* It is okay to participate in the tournament with the participant’s own account from an e-sports facility or a friend’s PC, even if it is not your own PC. However, there will be one account (one person) per PC.

■ Click here for the tournament entry

■ Tournament official website

■ About ICFC

“ICFC” is an abbreviation for “INTERCONTINENTAL FIGHT CLUB” and is a fighting game tournament tournament held by ten / o GK since 2020. Currently, we hold weekly online competitions for popular fighting games in North America, Europe, and Asia, and are gaining the support of fighting game fans around the world.

<Overview of the conference>

■Name of the conference
KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series
■ Sponsor
SNK 、 ten / o
■ Target event
■ Target platform
■ Target area
Asia region (Japan / Korea / Hong Kong / Taiwan etc.)
North America (USA / Canada / Mexico, etc.)
Europe (UK / France / Germany / Italy / Spain, etc.)
■ Schedule (held every Thursday in each region)
5/26 (WEEK 1)、6/2 (WEEK 2)、6/9 (WEEK 3)、6/16 (WEEK 4)、6/23 (WEEK 5)、6/30 (WEEK 6)、7/7 (WEEK 7)、7/14 (WEEK 8)、7/21 (WEEK 9 Final)
■ Holding time
Asia: Start at 20:00 (JST)
North America: Start at 20:00 (EDT)
Europe: Start at 20:00 (CEST)
■ Prize money
WEEK 1 ~ WEEK 8: $ 500.00 + Crowdfunding * 1 Tournament limit $ 800.00
WEEK 9 Final: $ 3,000.00 + crowdfunding * Upper limit $ 5,000.00
> Crowdfunding site “Matcherino”

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