The OIC has banned The One insurance from closing its business, reiterating the people not to worry.

OIC confirms The One Insurance not closed business Really disobey! Punishment according to the km after the company announced that it was temporarily closed for renovations. Claims to enhance liquidity Ready to send to inspectors Prevent asset manipulation Call the executives to discuss the capital increase plan, 30 Nov. Keep an eye on the deposit accounts. Expedite payment of covid claims

Mr. Suthipol Thaweechaikarn, Secretary-General of the Insurance Commission (OIC) revealed that, in the case of The One Insurance Public Company Limited, announced that the company is temporarily closed for maintenance for about 2 weeks to enhance its liquidity.

Ask the people not to panic. by confirming that now The One Insurance Public Company Limited has not closed yet. or stop operating And the OIC has sent a team consisting of legal officers. Rights Protection Division, Audit Division, and Analysis Division have been closely examined and supervised. to prevent the manipulation of property as well as view the movement of deposit accounts To assist in the payment of claims to the insured people

In addition, tomorrow (30 Nov) the OIC will invite the executives of The One to came to clarify and inquire about the capital increase plan The OIC’s easing measures and claim payment plans to find a solution together As for whether to enforce legal measures to the point of stopping the operation or not? Must see the relevant information in its entirety first.

by now The OIC has not ordered the suspension of insurance. and did not order to stop the payment of claims in any way Because to do so, there must be a clear regulation procedure. But the Office of the OIC will adhere to the interests of the insured people as important

However, if the company stops doing business by itself without permission from the OIC It is considered an offense and has penalties, including if the company takes any action. that violates the law, the OIC will strictly enforce the law

“May the people be satisfied that OIC ready to take care of the people to have the least impact.”

As for people who have problems with claims against The 1 Insurance or being delayed in the payment of claims can complain to Office of the OIC. which has set up a special complaint center for COVID insurance The OIC is ready to fully protect the benefits of the people.



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