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“Major diplomatic accident”, “Bad language that cannot be spoken”, “Disgrace to the country”
Meeting Kishida, “I am embarrassed by disgraceful diplomacy”… “Replacing the diplomatic line”

On the 22nd, the Democratic Party of Korea launched a crossover over the controversy surrounding President Yoon Seok-yeol’s trip to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly.

While drawing attention to the controversy surrounding the expressions of President Yoon, he denounced the ’30 minute meeting’ with the Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, as a petty attack.

The frame of ‘diplomatic incompetence’ mentioned in the debate about the failure of sympathy with Queen Elizabeth II of England has been raised time and time again.

Park Hong-geun, the floor leader of the National Assembly, was hit directly at a policy coordination meeting in the National Assembly, saying, “Following empty diplomacy and rude diplomacy, President Yoon’s rude diplomacy has undermined the dignity of the Republic of the Republic of Wales is big. Korea.”

In particular, floor leader Park said, “As I left the meeting room, the remarks that slandered the United States Congress were recorded in the video, causing a great uproar as a result of a major diplomatic accident.”

On this day, President Yoon walked out of the Global Fund’s 7th Party Financial Commitment Meeting held in New York, USA, and told people around him, including Foreign Affairs Minister Park Jin, “What if these XXs don’t approve in the National Assembly, what will Biden do?” was mentioned in what was captured.

‘Congress’ in this comment appears to refer to the US Congress.

Democratic lawmakers also joined the offensive by offering the comments in the video of President Yoon published online.

Representative Yang Yi Won-young said on Facebook, “(The People’s Power) was not a six-character letter written just for former President Lee Jun-seok. ” “The diplomatic risk is too great.”

I remembered that former CEO Lee said in an interview that ‘President Yoon called me to this XX than XX privately.’

The Rep. said. Kang Byung-won, “The president addressed the clan council with low-key words that he could not speak.

There are no diplomatic achievements, and all that remains is ‘This XX’,” he criticized, saying, “This is really the first time for a president whose very existence is a risk.”

In addition to this, I am reminded of the proverb that “a gourd that leaks inside, also leaks outside.”

It’s not Biden who is selling, it’s our people” (Rep. Kim Seong-joo), “It caused a diplomatic disaster.

It’s a disgrace to the country” (Rep. Chung Cheong-rae) and “I went to earn a rod instead of solving a problem” (Rep. Kim Seong-hwan).

The fact that the conversation with President Biden lasted only 48 seconds was also a target of attack.

Representative Kang Seon-woo said, “Is the meeting with President Biden for only 48 seconds, and the president’s foreign trip a contest to ‘lower the prestige of the country’?

Democratic lawmakers affiliated with the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee issued a statement, saying, “The president’s sympathy diplomacy had a tragedy where sympathy was omitted, and all it took was a conversation with President Biden about 48 seconds in a meeting room, taking a photo by the way and visiting the Prime Minister of Japan.” What’s even more absurd is that the disrespectful comments to the allies as they left the conference room were recorded in the video, causing a major uproar as a result of a major-. large-scale diplomatic accident.”

The Democratic Party strongly criticized the meeting between President Yoon and Prime Minister Kishida, which was defined by the presidential office as a ‘simple meeting’, expressing it as a ‘disaster’ beyond ‘diplomatic incompetence’.

It is shameful to go to the venue where Prime Minister Kishida is present and the Korean media did not even cover it.

On Facebook, Representative Baek Hye-ryun said, “The president is begging for a meeting, and we have a 30-minute meeting with the Japanese side, which they are not even ready for the meeting.”

Representative Kim Hong-geol, in contrast to President Yoon’s interview with The New York Times before leaving, asked that ‘the Moon Jae-in government is obsessed with a certain friend called North Korea’, asking, “Is there by President Yoon obsessed with only one. student, Japan?”

In the afternoon of the same day, the Democratic Party also focused on the issue of ‘diplomatic risk’ for Prime Minister Han Deok-soo in the fields of education, social and culture.

With these events as an opportunity, the Democratic Party is expected to expand the front line to include personnel reshuffle, indicating that the Yun Seok-yeol administration is not ready for not only foreign affairs but also general affairs of the state .

At a briefing in the National Assembly, Speaker Kim Eui-gyeom said, “I am asking for an official apology from President Yoon.”

Spokesman Kim said, “The National Assembly should immediately investigate the state of affairs of this diplomatic tragedy, which was followed by a lack of diplomatic respect in London, the failure of the Korea-US summit, submissive Korea-Japan diplomacy, and even abusive diplomacy .”

Representative Kang Byung-won said, “I urge the president to immediately apologize to the public and completely renew his diplomatic line, which has forgotten that the national interest can depend on a single word or gesture.”

The Democratic Party also held a general assembly of members to condemn the ‘diplomatic disaster’ before the government question in the afternoon.

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