The Original Sin of Takopi, a broken world of children From the stigma created by adults

By: GEESUCH November 22, 2022

Late one night in March I happened to see the feed on the Facebook page of Mainstream Shonen Post that a new interesting manga is coming out. which is a heavily hyped name The Original Sin of Takopi Which has an incredible level of online reading in Japanese comics – in part 1, more than 8 million people read it, and in part 16, which is the end, it was read in one day, up to 3 million sometimes. (Update information 14/11/2022) However, that’s not what got me interested in this manga at all. But it’s because of 2 warnings on the page. who said that this cartoon has very heartbreaking content Although the plot is similar to Doraemon Anyway…this is what drew me to the world of The Original Sin of Takopi the real thing

accept without hiding I feel a little guilty for not believing the two well-intentioned warnings. Because there is a story The Original Sin of Takopi It made me very depressed after reading it – on a level that I could not write this column. and if I had to describe my feelings in pictures It would be like walking towards a thousand blades. Before that, he drank a big gulp of poison. The world of this manga is full of distrust. Embarrassment, pain, too much to breathe and feel safe while reading. But it must be said that the ‘realism’ that makes him feel bad is part of the advantage. set so that the characters grow with the reader at the end Although it is only 16 chapters, but if you focus on reading until the end, you can pass The results of the summary at the end of the story will be reward you. With that I can confirm that I can’t find anywhere else

A fact : story manga The Original Sin of Takopi win prizes Award of Excellence of work Society of Japanese cartoonists The 51st time last February/ and this book received an overwhelming response from Japanese readers. It was reprinted four times as quickly as the first day it was released.

after this line is what I am as a writer REVELATORS and manga reader Obtained from a manga story The Original Sin of Takopi I must say that although my heart has been broken many times But I have faith in the original words that it is worth reading until the end.

** Trigger Warning From UNLOCKMEN : If you have depression or know your heart can’t handle violence, don’t read Takopi’s Original Sin! This manga is filled with depictions of domestic violence. physical and mental abuse of words and actions And there is a picture of suicide**

Humans, Aliens, and Stories in Takopi’s Original Sin

Summary : Packed are Happian aliens living on a planet called Happy Planet who have to leave their homeland to bring happiness to life on various planets in the solar system by Packed Choose to aim for ‘Earth’ and there it is. Packed met an elementary school girl named Shizuka which is sad and it seems that this life will never be happy at all. Packed it begins

Like I said, right? the plot has Doraemon Come on, it’s not just a plot. The selection of magical items such as Happy Gadget and the placement of three stacked construction pipes are clearly elements brought to the parody by Ajarn. Taizan 5 Choose to do this because you want to communicate in the other sense. Doraemon It’s true that in real life, there aren’t always magical things that can be solved…

Let’s take a quick look at the story timeline to understand the story of the manga. and it added weight to what I got in the next chapters to look more weighty too

  1. according to the summary Packed meets the main character of the named story Shizuka sad girl The reason is that his father left him when he was young, and his real mother still doesn’t care, leaving him to live alone. She only has one named friend in her life Happy which is a dog left by father
  2. But things are even worse. Because at school she was bullied heavily by a girl in her class named Marina who has strong anger with personal matters involving the mother Shizuka was the one who caused her house to be divided because of her mother Shizuka What did you do with her father? leave the mother Marina I had to drown in my grief and fight her instead.
  3. During the story of the two girls There is a boy in the same class who was named Azuma those who want to help Shizuka not being bullied but he was too scared because of the bond in his heart since childhood from home he is expected to be a good student by always being sarcastic

story is The Original Sin of Takopi walks the story through the fulfillment of the mission of happiness Packed with the three main characters mentioned above And in my eyes, all 3 of them are representative characters of anger (Marina) fear (Shizuka) uncertainty (Azuma), which prevents all happiness.

failure of adults passed on to the children

Seriously, if I say that there is a whole problem The Original Sin of Takopi Derived from ‘adults’ doing bad things, it is not wrong, the child must be allowed to live alone, and comparing brothers and sisters do the same. to the worst of things like divorce – and turning anger into fighting for children for those who are no longer there. These actions have consequences for the character. Marina Becoming a violent child, talking shamelessly and daring to do physical harm. Shizuka People with depression since childhood Then, as I said earlier, because Azuma Raised to fail in comparison Causing him to stand and helplessly watch that violence…

Think back to when we were all in elementary school. Then you will understand how violent these events are. We then wanted to be accepted by our families. needing care The most loving and caring part of life having to face things that no one of any age should encounter Because the family institution is the first place in life that influences our lives, everything, every action, every feeling and will be accepted at that time. it will mold us to become who we are as we grow, and The Original Sin of Takopi It is an example of a broken family in every dimension.

Good and Bad Man Through the Eyes of Takopi

Another main purpose is existence Packed Cute aliens, inhabitants of the Happian star, the mascot of this story. is to question the validity of ‘human beings’ by learning what makes those people happy through Master Taizan 5 give you Packed A very innocent and optimistic alien to an extent that is greatly exaggerated. The simplest example, in the most shocking way, is Packed didn’t know that taking other people’s lives was wrong

The beauty of storytelling through it Packed is that the little alien is gradually questioning the meaning of the ‘smile’ that we actually create for others It is true happiness without hurting others. It doesn’t make anyone feel hurt or scared, does it? at the beginning of the story whatever does Shizuka Happy, he will do that blindly. Even the most intense desire to do it Marina Disappearing is not something that shocks or affects anything in order to get that smile…

…but as time goes by Packed Get to know the man in his mission thoroughly both behind the family heart Get to know what’s on your mind by talking and spending time. The right degree of acquiring one’s ‘happiness’ Packed Changed gradually. The lesson he got was to make someone happy. We need to get to know that person thoroughly first. This includes suffering and the darkest things in that person’s life. Packed I understand that because the joys and sorrows of the 3 children are intertwined into a messy thread. Making one person happy is not the answer. But untying the knots made all three of them happy before they could actually complete the mission.

A letter to all of you in 2022.

Continuing from the previous last row, unravel a knot Shizuka, Marina a Azuma oh Packed is to let them know It was not their own fault that the three lost happiness. But they are all problems of the broken family equation. And everyone only ‘talks’ it to each other. happiness will not be difficult at all In that many problems in people’s real life can be solved by this method, without talking to understand each other, that is the problem of solving the problem.

‘I Chi Yn 2016’ is the opening title of the manga. Its meaning is quite simple. 2016 refers to the time when Packed meet Shizuka For the first time, ‘I Chi’ would mean a message to the characters at those times.. What is interesting is that ‘To All Of You In 2016’ is the name of the title of the last chapter of the manga, which meaning that it has clearly changed. It does not take to send a letter of happiness from Packed To the three children again, but it is a letter from you. Taizan 5 pass Packed which is passed on to everyone who reads this manga Realize that you are not alone in the world. And this is the last dialogue. It is like a last letter that we want everyone to read.

“To all of you on planet Earth in 2016.”

“There are many things I cannot do for you guys.. May the family have left you. Or your parents don’t look after you like they should.”

“I can’t do anything for you. But nevertheless. “

“To all of you who are no longer alone. I wish everyone grows up right. And I think you will definitely do it. “

– Takopi (2016)

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