The orthodox sequel to the classic RPG “Ilona”, “Eiln”, is on Steam and will be released at the earliest end of the year.

Original title: The orthodox sequel of the classic RPG “Ilona” “Eiln” is on Steam and will be released by the end of the year at the earliest

The orthodox sequel of the classic RPG “Ilona” “Eiln” will be available on Steam as early as the end of the year

The high-degree-of-freedom sequel Japanese RPG Roguelike “Ilona” orthodox sequel “Eiln” is now available on Steam. The work will be released in the form of an early experience. The specific time is to be decided .The Steam page shows that Chinese is not supported for now.

The developer said in the release announcement that “Eiln” has gone through three years of development, and is now one step closer to release. In the early access stage, the first version will be the Alpha version, which is the same as “Eiln” in 2006. The initial stage of development is just as complete, the content process is about a few hours, and it will be released before the end of the year at the earliest, and the author said it will take some time before the After all, “Ilona” took five years to complete. In addition, the author also hopes to continue to update the game after the game is completed, the goal is to build a world bigger than “Ilona”, and finally, if the opportunity arises, the author hopes to make the third work in the series (and the final work).

Steam store page:

Game Features:

·A sandbox RPG with survival, crafting, home and town building and management systems.

·Randomly generated dungeons and content, and an established static map that is faithful to the location of the world.

·A classic turn-based roguelike game.

·An epic story about humans and Eleas.

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