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The other side of the drama that reveals the bare face of women’s volleyball [스토리 발리볼] : Sports Donga

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IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, Songhwa Jo. photo courtesy of | KOVO

The hidden face of the V-League women’s team, which was enjoying the halo effect of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, was revealed. The irresponsible behavior of some popular players with a strong fandom, lack of professionalism, various battles for hegemony within the team, and the management of the club, like an amateur, who recognized the problem and failed to show its ability to solve or neglect it, were revealed.

The departure of IBK Industrial Bank setter Jo Song-hwa (28) has a lot to do with it. In the meantime, many female volleyball players have packed their bags and returned from their dorms for various reasons, but this time it’s not unusual. Packing up again after the first report of departure means you won’t be with the team or the manager. Song-hwa Jo has refused to talk to the director without even explaining the reason. He also said he would quit the club.

How would a normal company handle an employee with an annual salary of 270 million won who is absent from work just because he doesn’t like it? Violation of the contract is something that should be dealt with according to the law, but the club is persuading him to return. The internal rift of IBK Industrial Bank is an important issue that all volleyball players watch with interest. Not only Song-hwa Jo, but also coach Kim Sani (40), who returned after a sudden departure, went too far to turn it around as if nothing had happened.

IBK Industrial Bank coach Sani Kim. photo courtesy of | KOVO

The only problem with IBK Industrial Bank is that the boil that has been brewing since last season has finally burst. Throughout last season, several leading players took the lead and criticized the manager and staff. Even in the midst of internal divisions, such as sand grains of teamwork and antagonism, he succeeded in advancing to the playoffs thanks to the innocent young players and foreign player Lazareva.

But even at that crucial moment, Song-Hwa Cho refused to train. At that time, it was presumptuous to protest, saying, “Choose between the director and me.” At this time, the remarks the club made to persuade Jo Song-hwa were even more absurd. He informed me of the ‘remaining period of the director’s contract’. This was shared by all players.

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Former coach Kim Woo-jae did not renew his contract even after entering the PO. In the match where Kim Ha-kyung was replaced by Jo Song-hwa as the starting setter in the PO 2nd game, the play of some players and the facial expression of a coach immediately after the victory made it doubtful whether this team really wanted to win. The third round was even more lethargic. In fact, there were scenes in which some of the main players could be interpreted as sabotage.

In the midst of this, the club appointed manager Seo Nam-won as the new head of the team and hastily closed the problem. He did not hold the responsibility of any of the players who caused the problem by cleaning up the former manager as a consumable item. There was no reason for the players to work hard on the team that confirmed that ‘the players are the bosses rather than the coaches’. Young players only think of leaving the team because they look at their powerful seniors or don’t like it.

After reaching the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Olympics, some athletes were treated like idols. The top level of the club called them separately and took care of them a lot. Even if it wasn’t, the players who looked down at the coach had a higher smirk, and even strange rumors were circulating in the meantime.

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This is not unique to IBK Industrial Bank of Korea. Most teams do too. Currently, in the V-League, there is no way to control a player who behaves like a boss. It has become commonplace for the manager as well as the club to be swayed by those who have taken over the dormitory life, a space that clubs and managers cannot easily enter. Even though they knew it was a problem, the club turned away from it for the sake of team performance, and the coaches only lamented. Thanks to their popularity, these players are even protected by their fans.

There are also structural problems. Even middle and high school players wash their eyes and search, but there are no prospects who can outperform the existing players. It is a serious monopoly structure where there is demand but no supply at all. Players know this better than anyone. This is the fundamental reason why the level of women’s volleyball has fallen these days. Despite this, players who receive a lot of money beyond their skill level are not satisfied. The future of women’s volleyball is bleak if we do not resolutely pull out the bad roots of the king without responsibility for the team and work ethic.

In the end, on the 21st, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea announced that it would fire manager Seo Nam-won and general manager Yoon Jae-seop, asking for responsibility for the recent situation. However, the resignation of coach Kim Sani was rejected. It was said that corresponding measures would be taken against Song-Hwa Jo, but it seems that the announcement on this day does not seem to be the end of everything neatly, as it seems to be leaving the protagonist of a strange rumor involving the highest level of the company.

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