The Overwatch League’s ‘Mid-Season Madness’ round of 6 brackets has been completed, the protagonist of the 1.4 billion won prize money… |

With the final 6 brackets of ‘Midseason Madness’, the first large-scale offline event where the best teams in the East and West compete in the Asia-Pacific region, general ticket bookings will be through the ticket link continues until the day. of the competition.

Mid-season Madness, a global tournament of the Overwatch League™, kicks off a fierce three-day battle from the 16th (Friday) to the 18th (Sunday) in Hall 10B, KINTEX Exhibition Hall 2, Goyang.

While Korea, with its passionate esports encouraging culture, was chosen as the location, the strongest players in the first half of the Overwatch League, representing North America (4 teams) and China (1 team), as well as Seoul Infernal, located in Seoul, Korea, visits Korea. . The total prize money of the tournament is 1.08 million dollars (about 1.4 billion won).

It is a great opportunity to watch the game between the teams showing the best skills this season, and to enjoy the excitement of the passionate group cheering game. Anyone over the age of 15 can attend the event.

A variety of privileges specifically for fans visiting the site also attract attention. First of all, when watching the competition online, there are 6 types of viewing prizes, including 2 types of limited edition Mid-season Madness sprays and a Ramatra Home & Away skin, which are differentially paid back the cumulative time, are provided to everyone online. instant site audiences. This means you can enjoy all the benefits at once, no matter how long you watch online. In addition, 50 league tickets will be given to ticket holders on the 1st and 2nd day of the competition, and 100 Leak tickets will be given free to ticket buyers on the 3rd day. This means you will earn up to 200 League Tickets for site visits throughout the competition. Chicken spray and a limited edition beer were also prepared as a fan-only benefit on site. More information about the privilege can be found here.

Midseason Madness will be played in a double elimination format. Depending on the win or loss of the first game, it is divided into a winner’s bracket and a loser’s bracket. It is a method in which each team has a chance to seed one round, but since short-term momentum fights are important, winning the first game can be an important first step in the tournament.

On the 16th, the first day of the tournament, a total of 4 consecutive matches will be held from 10:30 am, starting with the opening match between Florida Mayhem and Hangzhou Spark. The second opening game between the Boston Uprising and the Houston Outlaws is expected to start at 12:00. The Atlanta Reign (#1 seed in the West) and the Seoul Infernal (#1 seed in the East), who passed the first round with a bye, will face the winners of the first two games, respectively. On the second day of the tournament, three matches of the loser and the winner’s final, and on the last day, the loser’s final and the long-awaited final (Sunday at 12:00) will catch the eyes and ears of the fans .

On the other hand, all early bird tickets for Mid-season Madness, which started on the 15th of last month, were sold out within one minute of the start of booking, showing high expectations for fans for the tournament.