The owner of the house ran away. Two wooden houses on fire, over 100 baht of gold, a car, a big bike, go with the fire.


The fire almost completely destroyed the mysterious house, the two houses, the accumulated gold weighing more than 100 baht, the luxury car, the big bike, and all the assets with the fire. Only clothes left, run away to survive, lose more than 5 million, short circuit is expected Officers rushed to investigate the case.

At 1:00 pm on September 23, Pol Lt. Col. Peerapong Namuang, Deputy Inspector General of Renu Nakhon Police Station, Nakhon Phanom Province, a report of a house fire in Ban Na Don Kao district, Renu Tai sub-district, Renu Nakhon District, province, so Nakhon Phanom coordinated the relevant officials to send fire trucks from Renu Nakhon Municipality. Including local government organizations in nearby areas to send more than 5 fire trucks to control the incident.

The scene of the accident was in Renu Tai Sub-District, Renu Nakhon District, Nakhon Phanom Province. Two tall wooden houses, similar to Thai style, were quickly burnt. because it is an old wooden house But there is a new renovation So, the fuel spread quickly. It took firefighters nearly an hour to bring the fire under control.

Know the name of the owner of the house. Narong Khamwan Mr 44 years old, trading career. When the accident happened, I knew I was only sleeping on the top floor of the house. Then there was a quick fire in the kitchen downstairs. before spreading to the whole house The owner of the house ran away to survive. unable to move assets in time only clothes

from the damage inspection Two wooden houses were found damaged, and all the property inside the house was damaged. including gold bars The gold jewelery collected in a large number of cabinets. Weight about 100 baht, worth about 3 million baht. One Honda Accord sedan, including a 300 cc Kawasaki Ninja big bike, was damaged. unable to move out of the house in time It is estimated that the total cost of the damage is not less than 5 million baht.

From the investigation of the authorities, that is expected Probably caused by a short circuit. It is also an old wooden house that has been completely renovated inside. make it good fuel The fire started in the kitchen of the big house. until it spread to another Thai house next door causing all damage including valuables

However, the police will coordinate the relevant authorities. including the forensics department to examine the case in detail for further legal proceedings It also reminds people to regularly inspect and protect the electrical system in the house if it is damaged or has been used for many years. they should be investigated immediately. Prevent the problem of electric shock

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