The owner of the house yelled! The contractor left the housing work. Paying debts with the bank but can’t stay in – news

home owner yelling The contractor left work on the housing project. Withdraw almost a million after each bank. Plus a premium to pay the technician’s wages The victim asked the relevant agencies to help.

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On December 1, 64 reporters reported that A group of victims of a housing project Located in Saensuk Subdistrict, Warin Chamrap District, Ubon Ratchathani Province Take a look at the construction area within the project that was abandoned by the project owner’s contractor. After agreeing to buy land and hire to build a house on an area of ​​about 60 square meters, prices range from 1.1-1.3 million baht.

But when the contract was completed, the construction of the house was not completed. and disbursement of money in excess of the amount of work done to suffer because you have to pay for a house building loan with the bank but still unable to enter the house therefore complained to various departments But received an answer that it was a breach of contract that the injured person had to sue the contractor himself.

Ms. Phatthanan Srithongtham and Ms. Wilanda Nanok, representatives of the victims, said that seven of them decided to buy land and build a house with the project. The project owner named Mr. Loi (a fictitious name) has already taken the matter for a house building loan with the bank. and started construction at the beginning of last year

When the construction has passed for a while The appraisal company came to check the amount of work. then disbursed the first installment to the homeowner to pay the project owner about 4 hundred thousand baht, but not long ago The appraisal company came to check the amount of work. Ready for the bank to pay the second installment for the homeowner to pay the project owner about 5 hundred thousand baht each, totaling the money that the homeowner paid to the project owner for 8-9 hundred thousand baht, but at that time, the house was built around 50 % of total work

After that, the project owners started having problems with the technicians and construction workers. because they didn’t pay for the builders who came to build the house including not ordering materials to continue working When the owner of the house came to ask the owner of the project about the reason why the construction stopped. but refused to meet When they followed him to the house, they hid their faces. Let the dogs out and chase the victims.

Ms. Phatthanan continued that when it was clear that The project owner refused to continue building the house until the contract was completed. then went to complain to the Damrongtham Center ready to report to the police But was informed that it was a breach of contract between the homeowner and the contractor. You have to sue yourself. when notified to the bank was informed that he tried to contact Mr. Loi The project owner came to talk to the victim, but refused to come to see the bank, so the bank ordered to stop doing any juristic acts. that Mr. Loy has with the bank all until this problem is solved.

At present, the seven victims can only ask the bank to extend the contract period from the original contract to complete the house must be completed between October and November this year. Until January of next year which some homeowners who have enough strength then went to borrow money to hire a new set of technicians to continue working in order for the construction of houses to achieve the amount of work as specified by the Bank then ask for the last installment of the house building money

But the other 6 victims were powerless. because there is a burden to pay home installments to the bank therefore unable to borrow money outside the project to hire a technician to continue working in the part that has not yet reached the criteria therefore suffered a lot because in addition to having to pay the house payment to the bank every month If the house is not finished It’s like a breach of contract with the bank. no home but must have debt with the bank for up to 30 years

“I want the relevant agencies both the Office of Consumer Protection in Ubon Ratchathani Province Or the head office of the bank to check and provide fairness to the victims who are the victims of project owners who left their jobs,” said Ms. Phatthanan.

In addition to the homeowner who has been damaged by abandoning this contractor’s work. Workers who are employed have also suffered, with Ms. Jaruwan Chankwang, 25, a project worker who still lives in an allotted village. to wait for the money that the project owner owes wages, said that during the first phase of construction There are about 3 technicians coming to work.

Later, Mr. Loi, the project owner, has been arrears for workers’ wages continuously. until he filed a lawsuit with provincial workers to check But the project owner still refused to pay the remaining wages. until they sued for wages and stopped working, which the problem has arisen since the beginning of Buddhist Lent They still live here. to wait for the wages that Mr. Loy still owes But if not really had to find work elsewhere

While Mr. Sakorn Thani, 29, the contractor to fill the soil for the project, is another victim of Mr. Loy. Still accruing more land to be filled in the project, said that while they took the soil to fill the house near the project was hired by Mr. Loy To bring the soil to fill about 30 cars.

At first, he thought that he was the owner of the same project as the house he brought the land to fill. But after bringing the soil to fill them, they were deformed and didn’t pay for the soil. He had to follow up and ask many times to get part of the money. and still owe part of the land When the phone calls to follow up later, it can’t be contacted anymore.

Recently, the victim went to meet with Mr. Loi’s wife. while bringing new customers Going to make a contract to build a new house with the bank therefore demanded that he did not work until it was completed. in front of new customers who are about to become victims make Mr. Loi’s wife Quickly walk away from the bank. without speaking to the victims therefore unable to agree

and considered lucky for new customers who meet the event while coming to make an employment contract for Mr. Loy Build the rest of the project house. therefore canceled the intention to buy a house in Mr. Loi’s project as well


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