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Suns owner Robert Sarver has been banned for one year and fined $10 million by the league for racial slurs, sexist comments, and sexual harassment.

“I read the sentencing report.”
“Like most people, I’m shocked and disappointed.”

Such a punishment made many players unhappy, and even the star of the Suns, Chris Paul, criticized it and made it clear that he was not giving face to his own boss.

Under much public opinion, Sarver decided to sell his shares in the Phoenix Suns today, intending to sell the team that has been operating for 17 years.

“I had hoped that the ban for a year would give me time to focus and make amends.”
“But in the current situation, I painfully realize that this is no longer possible.”
“Whatever I do now, or what I may do in the future, is overshadowed by what I have said in the past.”
“For these reasons, I started looking for buyers for the Sun and Mercury.”

As soon as the news came out, many buyers flocked, including many big buyers, such as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, former Disney CEO Bob Iger and so on.

“We thank Mr. Sarver for making decisions quickly that were in the best interest of our sports community.”

Players union president CJ McCollum also issued a statement, and superstar LeBron James posted a celebration.

In fact, long before Sarver’s punishment came down, some Phoenix fans spontaneously raised money to hang the electronic “SarverOut” signs.

After all, what did Sarver do to make his own players and fans disagree?

“Once he was practicing, Sarver walked in happy.”
“I asked him what he was happy about and he said he knew I didn’t make the All-Star Game.”
“It made him happy because he didn’t have to pay me a million dollar incentive bonus.”
“How can there be a boss who doesn’t want his players to go into the All-Star Game to save money?”
“After that, I knew I didn’t want to be here anymore.”

Since he took over the team, stingy has always been Sarver’s label. As long as he can save money, he cares about it. Star Goran Dragic revealed that when he played for the Suns, Sarver was unable to reached the All-Star Game, so he didn’t need to pay him more than his contract salary. Things are complacent.

You might think that Sarver should be joking, how can the boss be so despicable? But perhaps as a boss, he has always looked at his employees from an “asset” perspective.

“I really wanted to go up and slap him.”
“But I was fined $25,000 earlier for telling him to shut up.”

Matt Barnes, who played for the Suns, complained about Sarver on his podcast, saying that Sarver had a lot of disrespectful comments about them at the time and didn’t take the players’ scores seriously.

In 2010, the Suns reached the Western Conference Final, which was the best result for the Suns in the last 20 years before entering the championship game last year, and for such an achievement, the leading striker, Amar’e Stoudemire, unquestionably. As a free agent, he once expressed himself to the media that he liked the atmosphere of the team, but team owner Sarver said something that chilled him when he renewed his contract.

“I will find someone to take your place in the free market immediately tomorrow.”

Trying to undercut your price by downplaying your accomplishments seems like an interview technique, but for Stoudemire, who already had a track record of success, such words made him feel disrespected, and the Suns came to replace him in agency free. Yes, it was Hakim Warrick, who was much less than him in strength and power, which finally made Stoudemire leave in disgust.

Amar'e Stoudemire preferred Suns retirement, but 'went where I wanted' |  Sports News

And this approach has been used almost exactly this summer to renew the contract of leading center Deandre Ayton. Even if he proves to be an important pillar for the Suns to enter the championship game, Sarver is still reluctant to give Ayton the maximum salary extension, In the end, the two sides were deadlocked until the Pacers made an offer and the Suns followed up. According to the regulations, he had the Suns the right to renew Ayton’s contract, and the farce subsided a little.

But in this farce, the trust of both parties is hurt. The annoying negotiation process will also affect Ayton’s willingness to stay after the deal is completed. The only goal achieved is that Sarver pays less every year and a little money.

In addition, Sarver also likes to interfere in team affairs. He traded TJWarren, who had achieved little result, in exchange for a bag of cash, which did not help the fighting power of the team at all. Although the manager General made the transaction, but it is not difficult to see the shadow of Sarver’s inspiration.

The actions of different races are not enough, so Sarver is always ranked among the most unpopular heads in the NBA. Even after watching the Suns ball for a few years, there is often a sense of hopelessness. never get a chance to go to the next level.

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