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The prize money won by Sung Ki-hoon, the winner of the Netflix drama ‘Squid Game’, has won 45.6 billion. Right now, let alone 45.6 billion, what would you do if you had 1 billion? ‘ Many people must have been absorbed in happy thoughts.

However, for those presented today, 45.6 billion may be ‘small money’ in a way. This is the story of the Samsung family whose wealth is in the trillions.

Readers, what would you eat every day if you were a billionaire? Expensive hotel buffets, building sky lounges… These luxury restaurants will come to mind first.

However, according to a long-standing rumor, the Samsung owner’s family is known for enjoying an unexpectedly frugal life. Indeed, on the day of Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong’s parole, a delivery motorcycle from a chicken franchise famous for ‘Prinkle’ was standing in front of the door and became a hot topic.

this time [셀프 체크인]presents restaurants that the Samsung family loves. Even without Article 8… There are many places to enjoy.

Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong / Photo = Yonhap News

‘One bowl’ makes even Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong of the world stand in line

Behind Exit 9 of City Hall Station in Seoul, there is a restaurant that guards Seosomun-dong like a housekeeper. Indeed, there is no need to go to ‘where is this place’ during mealtimes.

Because of the long line in front of the shop door. Although the turnover is very fast, you have to wait about 40 minutes during lunchtime in the summer and during the week.

The main character is ‘Jinju Hall’, which specializes in soya bean noodles. It has been in business since 1965. Five years ago, you could eat a bowl for 10,000 won, but now it has risen to 13,000 for a bowl. It has established itself as a long-standing representative shop in Seoul to the extent that you won’t be able to tell if you are interested in soybean noodles.

When you go in, it feels more like a meat restaurant than a bean noodle shop. In fact, the name ‘Household’ has been a common name for many meat restaurants since ancient times. Although it is widely known for soybean noodles, this restaurant started its business as a meat restaurant.

Kongguksu was the ‘side dish’. However, the main customers were knocked down because of the customers who said “Kong-guksu is delicious”. They say they don’t take meat orders for dinner.

You sit down and place your order. Fully prepaid. After you order, the soybean noodles will come out in 2-3 minutes as if you had been waiting. There is no calculation time, and the cooking time is short, so the turnover rate is good even if there are many people.

There are 4 large halls on the first floor, and there are many tables similar to rooms on the second floor, but it is already full by 11:30. It is said that 4000 bowls are sold a day in the summer, so there is no choice but to be crowded.

This is known as the restaurant that Chairman Lee Kun-hee visited the most before he was admitted to the hospital. On the inner wall of the shop, the signatures of Lee Kun-hee and Lee Jae-yong are also affixed. ‘Verification completed’.

It is rumored that Chairman Lee Kun-hee sent his son Jae-yong Lee to the hospital to run an errand for bean noodles. In fact, Vice Chairman Lee is said to be ‘packing regularly’ at Jinju Hall.

It is neither sweet nor salty, so it is what is known as ‘standard soya bean noodles’. This is the second generation of business, and it is said that they are preparing to pass it on to future generations. In addition to the Samsung family, he also led the steps of politicians such as former President Lee Myung-bak and Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon. It is a thick style bean soup.

The delicacy is the kimchi that comes with it. The first one was ‘Are you bored?’ It has a strange charm that makes you keep eating even if you want to. It’s a lot of fun to enjoy a regular restaurant in the Samsung family for 13,000 won.

Collect the menus that Chairman Lee Byung-cheol only loved Restaurant that sells ‘Samsung Set’

One of the most touching places in Korea. A place where office workers, lovers, and families all gather. This is ‘Euljiro’s entrance’. Lotte Department Store Main Branch, one of the largest department stores in Korea, is located in this area lined with numerous banks and financial institutions. This is another simple yet luxurious restaurant that Samsung loved.

Directly opposite Lotte Department Store, you can see a clear green signboard. The signs written in white English on a dark green background even look a little rustic in some ways.

‘La Cantina’. As the name suggests, which means ‘basement’ in Italian, you go down one flight of stairs and are greeted by a rustic door.

This place is famous as a place frequented by the founder of Samsung, Lee Byung-cheol. The name of the course which collects only the menus that Chairman Lee liked is ‘Samsung Set’. However, ‘La Cantina’ here is more than a regular Samsung restaurant. It is true that this is the first Italian restaurant to open in Korea.

Myeongwolgwan, which opened in the early 1900s, can be called Korea’s first ‘Western Restaurant’. In the 1920s, ‘Farm Court’, serving French food, established itself in Seoul. It is the predecessor of the Westin Chosun Hotel ‘Nine’s Gate’, which is still operating.

At the time, Eggs Benedict was said to be the best selling menu item at Farm Court. And in 1967, La Cantina was opened. Although it opened more than 50 years ago, this restaurant still stands firm in the heart of Seoul.

There are a total of four menus in ‘Samsung Set’. If you don’t have it at first, you’ll have a sad aperitif. Unlike these days (?) Italian restaurants that serve focaccia and sourdough, this place offers nostalgic garlic bread.

The pre-dinner soup is then served on the table. French onion soup is enough to whet your appetite for your next meal. Specifically, the point is that it is cutely served in a Western-style bowl with an old-fashioned feel.

If you have finished the meal before lunch, the main course is waiting for you. The first dish is the vongole pasta, said to be a favorite of Chairman Lee Byung-cheol. Contrary to the trend these days, which is oily and delicious, this soup is rich and contains lots of clams, which makes you feel as if you are eating pasta noodles in clam chowder. .

It’s not too flavorful, so it has a mild flavor that goes on and on. I don’t know when I will eat it, but when I eat it, I can nod my head as to why Chairman Lee Byung-cheol has come here regularly.

The second dish is steak. We used meat from Australia. The pieces of meat placed with vegetables look clumsy but tasty. Baking is optional. Considering a trendy high-end restaurant, the steaks here are relatively plain, but you can feel the flavor of 50 years of craftsmanship.

After a full meal, it’s time for dessert. Black coffee is served in a coffee cup that looks like something out of a 70’s movie. Unlike modern Italian restaurants that serve cakes and pastries, here fruit is served before guests as dessert. Just like when you eat at grandma’s house, the fruit comes out unconditionally. It’s a taste of the memory.

What is the price of a Samsung set that includes three courses: appetizer, main course, and dessert? Chairman Lee Byung-cheol’s favorite foods are some of the foods he dreads opening his wallet.

However, the price on the receipt is 45,000 won. For less than 50,000 won, you can enjoy the Italian course that the Samsung family used to eat.

When we hear the word ‘chaebol’, we often think of a rather luxurious image. Just like driving an expensive car and wearing expensive clothes, I feel like I only eat expensive foods like caviar and lobster every day that ordinary people can’t imagine.

However, the food they enjoy is unpredictable and cute. Sometimes, even if they earn only 8 million won a month, let alone 8 trillion won, I think that ‘thank you’ office workers enjoy more expensive food.

This weekend, how about a ‘chaebol dining experience’ at Jinju Hall and La Cantina?

By Choi Ji-hee, [email protected] staff reporter

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