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Sports Center / Reported by Lin Weifan

▲ After being shot by a male fan and unable to match, Zhengmei’s fans directly attacked the camera with “showing the middle finger angrily”! (Photo / flip from YouTube PLG)

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Former Taiwanese NBA star Jeremy Lin joined PLG Kaohsiung Ironmen, and made his debut on the 12th as soon as possible. However, the Ironman guest in Hsinchu Street Siege Lions on the 5th was still in decline. The Ironman lost 86:89 in the end. However, there was an embarrassing episode during the game. The Siege Lions played a matching game at home, “Would you like to be friends with me?” The Siege Lions fan wearing a purple shirt was angry directly after being shot by another male fan She counterattacked with her middle finger. Then, the female IG fan was surprised by netizens and apologized.

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▲ After being shot by a male fan and unable to match, Zhengmei’s fans directly attacked the camera with “showing the middle finger angrily”! (Photo / flip from YouTube PLG)

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▲ Then the male fan compares with the female friend in front of him, it seems he already has a partner. (Photo / flip from YouTube PLG)

The most impressive “Kiss Cam” in major professional competitions is during the break, and couples or couples caught by the camera have to play kissing activities on the big screen. However, PLG Hsinchu Siege Lions decided to play something different at home. During a pause in the third quarter of their recent game against the Kaohsiung Ironmen, the Siege Lions played a similar game at home, “The Purple of First Love! Would you like to be my friend?” Thinking of one of the Siege Lions fans wearing a purple shirt, after being shot by another male fan with a cross gesture, he directly raised his middle finger to fight back, and then the male fan gestured to the female friend in front , it seems that there is already an object. After that, the IG female fan was also caught by netizens. The name “Uny 尼妮◡̈” is related to the hairdressing industry. He also apologized in a limited time on IG.

▲▼ A female IG fan named “Uny ◡̈” is involved in the hairdressing industry. He apologized in limited time, “I will not drink in the stadium in the future.” (Photo / summary by Uny ◡̈IG)

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As soon as the video came out, many netizens immediately discussed “I love it so much”, “It’s a good game!”, “It’s so embarrassing”, “This match is not fun, and it would be embarrassing if the partner is next to you Cu Yi It’s more fun to kiss”, “It’s very simple~”, “It’s better”, “We should slowly cultivate foreign teams with background and open relationships…”, “I love it, good or bad” , “I love it! I still love you even if it’s better than my middle finger!”, “The director knows how to play~~~”, “It’s a shame”, “It might be even worse if you remove the mask”, “Haha haha”, “This incident is really embarrassed and difficult to upset the atmosphere”, “I thought I was beautiful and I was shot ~ laughing to death”, “the quality of Taiwanese women”, “Taiwanese women raise their crosses every day, which is more pathetic than the middle finger”.

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