The Palm Bay contaminated probe is connected to prostitution by Tallahassee

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Florida Law Enforcement Department Logo (Photo: Jeff Burlew / Democrat)

The Tallahassee tentacle is a sorded public corruption scandal in Palm Bay's Space Coast community where sex, drugs and an alleged plot are to turn off the members of the city council.

Some of the players who were involved in the prostitutes scenarios insisted on hiring them during trips to the capital, according to a newly disclosed court document. It was an indifferent insight into the seedy side of Tallahassee, where rumors persist on people in the political process of working with sex workers.

The front page story hit late last week when former deputy manager Palm Bay, Dave Isnardi, and former advice candidate, Jose Aguiar, were arrested on warfare charges. Isnardi, whose wife Kristine Isnardi, chairman of the Brevard County Commission, was responsible for conspiracy to rip and conspiracy to have controlled substances with intent to deliver.

The Law Enforcement Department of Florida initiated an investigation in 2015, following information from the FBI about Isnardi, Aguiar and other city officials. They used a secret source, an unnamed city employee but well positioned, to wear wire and record conversations.

The back story:

Former Palm Bay manager Dave Isnardi was arrested and cared for racketeering, other maronies

Residents of Palm Bay express shock

It is alleged that Isnardi and Aguiar allegedly dumped two city councilors, Tres Holton and Jeff Bailey, so that they would vote on certain matters, including a zoning change that allows Antiar to open a scrap metal business with Isnardi. as a silent party.

Jose Aguiar in court. Judge Kelly Ingram denied on Saturday morning with Dave Isnardi and Jose Aguiar on Saturday morning due to the seriousness of the allegations against them. (Photo: MALCOLM DENEMARK / FLORIDA TODAY)

They intended to set up cameras and record inconvenience activity within the "clubhouse", a residence at Palm Bay on Canova Street owned by Aguiar where city officials were often socializing and sometimes at drugs. the conversation, and the secret source, who lived at the “clubhouse” that Holton had prostitutes at the residence often said.

The data is rare on what happened in Tallahassee. What is known from a FDLE interview April 9, 2018, with Bailey. During the interview, Bailey admitted that he had used a synthetic tramadol at the “clubhouse” and saw that Holton uses cocaine there.

“Bailey also said that Holton informed him that he had received (prostitutes) prostitutes for the Mayor of Palm Bay (William) Capote in Tallahassee and that he had also offered a gang for Bailey,” the report says.

Capote denied that he had no reason to investigate the allegations to Florida Today, sister paper of Tallahassee Democrat.

Meg Baldwin, executive director of The Refuge House in Tallahassee, said it is difficult to get accurate statistics on prostitution in any community because of its underground nature. She noted that Refuge House provides support groups for women involved in prostitution and that 66 women participated in July 1.

Increases in demand for prostitutes with a significant number of transient men with disposable income. That could mean anything from a truck stop to a political convention somewhere.

“So all the factors that can increase the demand for prostitution within the community are large conventions and meetings, probably legislative sessions, and inter-sectoral traffic,” she said.

Attorneys for Isnardi and Aguiar denied that their clients had wronged them, arrested on Friday and made their first court appearance on Saturday. Both were held without band in Brevard County Prison. Holton also said that he rejected all the allegations.

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