The parade welcomes the “hero” – the famous “heroine” of the “Udon Thani people”, jokingly rubbing the shoulders of the entertainers.

Recently, Channel 3 has led the march. “Hero” – “Heroine” An army of actors from 4 plays to entertain the fans “People of Udon Thani” to the whole story “Fairy Mekong River” , “Is Khoi Hug You” , “Pong Lang Hak On Son” a “18 The Crown Stumbles Love” on tour Providing fun for North Eastern brothers and sisters through activities “Wic 3 on a Trip, Fun, Hug, Canu, Zaap” with fans waiting to welcome each other tightly Lead the cast by “Mai Warit”, “Krating Khunnarong”, “Aum Issaya”, “Ning Saranya”, “Yihua Preiyakan”, “Namfah Thanyaphat”, “Ice Panuwa Than”, “Ko Kosin”, “Mos Jaruphat”, “Non Nanont” , “Denkun Ngamnet”, “Tita Chayanit”, “Pang Sarunchat”, “Petch Takit”, “Junior Kajbundit” a “Diskun Whip” At the event, the Isan brothers and sisters came to enjoy the colorful military parade from the Nakha cloth market. to Central Plaza Udon Thani as well

this event, apart from the fans “People of Udon Thani” it will be close to the shoulder “Hero” – “Heroine” Like from all 4 plays “Mai Warit”, “Krating Khunnarong”, “Aum Issaya”, “Ning Saranya”, “Yihua Priyakan”, “Petchtakrit” a “Denkhun Ngamnet” etc., also received an honor from Mr. Chananya Jaisin, Deputy Director of the Marketing Office of BEC World Public Company Limited, for this activity that “For this event, I am very impressed with the people of Udon Thani. On behalf of channel 3, I would like to thank Channel 3 fans very much for supporting the channel’s actors who came to represent the activities together this time and pay attention to all 4 dramas, be it Mekong fairies Afon and Ai Khoi Hug Chao from the first episode to the end It has always received a warm response from the audience.

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