The parliament postponed the “local lockdown” decision until 7 December.

The parliament postponed the decision “Local Unlocking” to 7 December “Thanathorn” closing the debate, ridiculing the senators who disagree because they are against the source of power or not. Ready to thank you for every word of support. He said it would be an encouragement to keep working.

Today (November 30) in parliament, at the end of the 2nd joint session of the National Assembly (second annual normal session), the agenda for considering the draft constitution amendment, section 14, or the local unlocking draft which Mr Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit chairman of the progressive committee Along with the people who have the right to vote, 80,772 names are nominated.

The discussion was concluded by Mr. Thanathorn, starting with thanks. A member of the House of Representatives and all the Senedd who spoke in favor Such words of support encouraged them to continue working.

Mr confirmed Thanathorn that the local unlocking draft was not linked to secession. or a republic and any federation, but to increase the efficiency of the state At the moment, it is a bottleneck. The opinion of the central state is that an efficient organization is an organization that can solve the current situation in a timely manner and deal with new problems that get up every day.

“Thailand’s current administrative structure has brought Thailand this far. If this kind of structure can solve the problem The basic problems have been solved for a long time. If the central state had to fix it for every sub-region Where will the executives take their time to develop the country’s borders?” said Mr Thanathorn.

Mr. emphasized. Thanathorn that this draft succeeds in obtaining a clearer distribution of the share of administrative responsibilities. Today, I saw many senators talking about what would happen if this bill were to pass.

“I saw many senators. talk about fear Fear that, fear this fully. Some are reasonable, some are imaginary prejudices. I asked if you weren’t afraid. what will happen if this draft doesn’t pass How many opportunities will we miss? How slow will it be? How much overlap and how many steps that didn’t catch up with the world Aren’t you afraid we’ll do something bad,” said Thanathorn.

As for many members who are considered extremist, Mr Thanathorn asked back if it was too late for him, letting these basic problems which had not been used to solve chronic problems for 10 years be considered by technology more extreme The best people to answer what is most important are local people.

“Your question of my intentions and so many of you question my intentions or doubt my official purpose to the extent that I use the word cautiously. If you think this way, I have the right to apply the same principles as you. May I doubt the intentions of many of you? Because many of you publicly supported the sport. Many of them were not elected. One has to wonder if he really believes in democracy. Do you really believe in the power of the people? that you do not support this draft Is it because you fear the power of the people? Is it because the power of the people is against the source of your power or not?” said mr. Thanathorn.

Having finished the discussion, Mr. Chuan, as chairman of the meeting, that the next step was to vote. But for tonight, discuss with the President of the Senedd and the Working Group He said that today would not be ready, so the earliest to vote was December 7 at 9:30 am before the president closed the meeting at 10:21 pm

“Since now it is difficult for the working group to coordinate all parties, it was agreed that it will be on Wednesday, December 7th at 9:30 am On that day, the meeting of the House of Representatives will be adjourned until 1:00 pm In in the morning there will be a vote only Regarding the intention to hold a joint parliamentary meeting on December 20-21, if the matter has passed much, no additional meetings will be arranged,” said Chuan.

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