The party defends the lion dances to chase ‘Amnesty’, submits a QR-hunt named Jerchu 3 inches in the middle of Soi Lalai Sap.

The defense party visited Silom to continue “Rambo”, booed the lion, booed “Amnesty”, submitted a QR-hunt for the name. Soi Lalai Sap got 3 inches back

At 11:30 am on November 29 at the courtyard in front of Silom Complex, Bangkok, reporters reported that People’s Alliance to Protect the Institute and the King’s people, such as the cheering group Thai Raksa Group Gather together to march on an eviction campaign and hunt for 1,000,000 names to oust Amnesty International Thailand.

By stating that because Amnesty Thailand has acted in a range that affects the national security and the Institute, it appears that Amnesty Thai has announced a campaign. Wrote a million letters to the world Urges the Thai authorities to stop prosecuting Ms. Panassaya Sitthijirawatanakul or Rung, deemed that the organization has intervened in domestic affairs. Deliberately not complying with the laws of Thailand Due to the ruling of the Constitutional Court on November 10, it binds all organizations. The actions of such organizations may be regarded as being behind the inevitable support of an individual or group of people to commit acts of encroachment.

At 10:55 a.m., people started coming to join. Before performing a lion dance for a symbolic expression Participants holding banners such as ‘Amnesty International GET OUT From Thailand’, a sign depicting the face of Mr. Seksakon Atthawong or Rambo, Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister. There is a message that says ‘Hunting a million names!! Unbearable Rambo invites Thai people to expel Amnesty out of the country!!’ and the sign reads ‘Amnesty, who’s me?’

11:16 a.m. while marching and lion dance A paper with a QR code on the website to sign Amnesty’s eviction was distributed to the people of Silom. periodically shouting “Amnesty, get out”

The event organizer said In fact, there are more participants. But due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus new species Therefore, the number of participants is limited to no more than 50 people according to the Disease Control Act.

At 11.25 hrs., the procession arrived in front of Bangkok Bank Headquarters, Silom Road, the leader of the Defense Institute. has invited people nearby Join and sign to dismiss organizations that are not useful to Thailand. A foreign-sponsored organization then shouted in unison: “Amnesty!

For today’s activities, there are police officers, both in uniform and in uniform, walking and driving motorcycles to maintain order along the way.

Later, at 11:33 a.m., the procession arrived at Silom Soi 5 and entered the Lalai Sap Market (Silom Soi 5) to invite people inside the market to join the list.

In one episode, the news agency “The Reporter” released a live photo showing members of the Institute’s defense group. Handing a QR code to a man But the man raised three fingers in response.

Time 11.58 “Jane” admin of the page cheers uncle. gave an interview to the media about the reason for having to organize this event that We have organized activities Continued from Dr. Sek Sakon’s Chase Amnesty campaign, who thought of a campaign to hunt 1 million names, took out Amnesty, which was about 7 days, the total last night, only this link, 1 01,000 names. It’s a happy story. a lot Now check the balance. Another 12,000. We expect 50 thousand names. If we get 150,00 or more, it is considered successful and will be held again in the Sathorn-Asoke area. ‘ We’ll prove it with a number here. We still have people in their 30s to support us,” Jane said.

When asked about dissatisfaction Amnesty Thailand ?

“Jane” said that we are not okay with Amnesty. helping offenders Whether it’s a death row inmate, a rape case, they go to help. We see that it’s useless. The 112 cancellation campaign is very bad. I want the judicial process to proceed as it should be. Not that foreigners intervened and put pressure on Thailand.

When asked if there are plans to investigate other human rights organizations?

“Jane” revealed that now there is no

“Cheer Uncle page It’s the power of ordinary people. This Ammin looks homely, but we have a mission. allowing the government to overcome all obstacles

We distribute the QR code like this. so that people’s brothers and sisters have the opportunity to scan in It is a link to type your first and last name. or just type ‘Amnesty leaves’ every time I type will increase by 1 name, when the balance is received, will update through the page that is taken care of, not just one page ‘Cheer Uncle’, there are other pages, if it reaches 500,000, we will report it immediately,’ said Jane.

when asked whether Which party will submit the list to any agency?

Jane stated that what we think is to finish the activity on December 5th because on the 5th day we will organize the activity. After that, we will go to the Ministry of Interior. Ministry of Labor and Thammasat University are 3 places that we think we need to do some activities. May join the group through the partner’s page.

Then join in the vocals, “Amnesty Get Out”, “Amnesty Get Out”, “Surrender or Not”, “Amnesty Get Out”.

At 12.12 p.m., the procession begins again. “Jane”, the page admin, Cheer Lung said that the procession will return to Silom Complex There will be souvenirs for the page’s children and the public. Hats, masks and minion souvenirs will be distributed. Before coming, we had an ATK test with VHVs as well. The rest were young office workers.

Until 12:36 p.m., the People’s Alliance to Protect the Institute attended a press conference to announce their intention to re-awaken the movement against Amnesty.

Jane said that the latest 125,000 entries were exactly as expected. At first, only 50,000 names were expected. Next, it may be Sathorn, Asoke, a community area, which will definitely have other highlights.


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