The party has been dissolved, oh my! “Pita” announced that she would buy the hearts of Laksi-Chatuchak people, sending Petch Kronapol to the council.

“Pita” teases “teaching” does not want the party to be dissolved have to fight to be Tender notice Laksi-Chatuchak people send Petch Kronapol to the council, turning fear into hope.

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At 18:00 on January 28, at JJ Green Market 2, Mr. Khunphol Thiansuwan, a candidate for the election of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, District 9, Lak Si-Chatuchak, the Karo Klai Party (Kor Kor) Number 6, the last major speech before the general election on Sunday, January 30, with the leaders and members of the KK Party, such as Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat. List of MPs, party leader Chaithawat Tulathon, deputy secretary-general of the party, Picharn Chaophatanawong, party-list MPs Deputy party leader Natcha Boonchai Insawat, Bangkok’s MPs, Rangsiman Rome, party-list MPs, Miss Wanwipha Maison, party-list MPs and Mr. Padipat Santipada, Member of Parliament Phitsanulok, attended the keynote speech. The atmosphere is bustling. There were many people in the area and fans of the KK Party attended the speeches. Amid intense measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including temperature measurements of keynote speakers and seating arrangements to listen to speeches at a distance

Mr. Phitha said that this election was not an ordinary election. and not the election of any political party But it’s the election of everyone sitting here. It is an election of people who do not tolerate the government of Heng Suay. He promised to speak in no time. not like Prayut Promise that the politics of Thailand that have changed over the past 3 years will change forever. We will definitely fight by our side, not going anywhere. For the democratic brothers who haven’t decided yet He asked everyone to choose with hope, not fear, because there were too many fears. both afraid of losing their job Afraid that there will be no money to send children to school and fear of contracting covid

“This election must be chosen with hope and hope. Don’t vote out of fear of winning. I’m afraid that if I choose my brother, my sister will lose. fear of a coup Afraid that the party will be dissolved But as long as Mr. Phitha is also the leader of the Progressive Party I will definitely fight the injustice that will come. Democracy is not math. There are no shortcuts. It’s not saying that choosing another person will make the other person lose. but must choose with hope have to choose with the future have to choose that tomorrow must be better than today It was not chosen out of fear of losing. It was not an election for fear of a coup. If there is a coup, me, the party secretary, and all MPs will stand in front of the House of Representatives. If there’s a gun to shoot, let them know. If saying there will be a dissolution of the party, it must stay Another stage just told me to fight to be Otherwise the party will be dissolved. But how was the party disbanded? How about collapsing the new future, shun it!” said Mr. Phitha.

Mr. Phitha continued to say that For the brothers and sisters that the people who never chose themselves and did not think that he would choose Mr. He promised you that However, he is still your representative. He will buy your heart one day. The SEC must win. He will seek common ground and reserve the differences. until we can become your representatives someday Tomorrow we will not stop because I will knock on every door We will walk every street We will answer all questions. and listen to every word Until we can buy the hearts of parents, brothers and sisters in Chatuchak – Lak Si for everyone. to send Mr. Kannapol to the council We turn fear into hope. Turn people’s dark nights into brighter days. and wipe the tears for the people’s brothers and sisters together



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