The PC Steam version of Capybara Games’ new puzzle adventure “Grindstone” will be launched on June 23, or the Steam product page will appear «doope! Domestic and overseas game information site

As a new puzzle adventure developed by familiar Capybara Games, the Apple Arcade version was delivered in 2019, and after that, “ Grindstone” which achieved Nintendo Switch support and PC launch for the Epic Games store, but this work is newly added to Steam The product page of “Grindstone” has appeared, and it is attracting attention that the delivery date of the Steam PC version “Grindstone” due to the end of the timed exclusive of the Epic Games store may have been decided on June 23.

So far, Capybara Games has not announced the release of the Steam version, and we are waiting for further information and confirmation.

Reference: Evaluation trailer of “Grindstone” with gameplay and cute animation

Defeat the monsters, fire combos to get precious stones, and the puzzle butler that the game development group CAPY sends out to the world, that is “Grindstone”! The game’s color-matching gameplay is a bit unusual, but it’s coming soon, but getting a giant Grindstone requires a clear mind, a high level of strategy, and above all, guts. Craft a variety of new gear in exchange for grindstones, defeat nasty enemies, overcome obstacles, and finally challenge your bosses … steadily capture over 200 stages of Grindstone Mountain, and in daily mode rankings. I want you to prove to the world the certainty of your arm.

■ Game features

  • Unmanned puzzle battle action
  • Over 200 stages to capture
  • Daily Challenge & Ranking
  • Unlock numerous weapons and gear
  • Award-winning soundtrack, composed by Sam Webster
Source and image: Steam

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