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(Note: “Monster Hunter: Rise” is referred to as “Rise”, “Monster Hunter: Dawn” is referred to as “Dawn”)

The PC version of

“Monster Hunter: Rise” PC version producer – Suno Motoki

The PC version of

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto

Q: What is the progress of the PC version of “Rise” after its release? Will it gradually synchronize with the NS version?

A: The Steam version of “Rise” is scheduled to be released with Ver.3.6.1 on NS, for example, you can play extra monsters and endings in Ver.2.0 and Ver.3.0, as well as various event missions released from Ver.3.6.1 . Of course, you can also play CAPCOM co-op missions such as “The Great God” and “Street Fighter” as well as co-op missions with “SUPER SONICA”, I hope you like it.

In addition, we plan to synchronize with the NS version at the end of February 2022. During the period from the release to the update, there will be no new event tasks in the Steam version, but after the update at the end of February, the event tasks for NS and PC will basically be released at the same time.

The PC version of

Q: After being ported to PC, will there be any difference in screen performance and operating feel from the NS version of “Rise”?

A: Rising was originally developed for NS, so additional production is being done for the PC version.

The PC version supports 4K resolution, monsters have graphics options for high-resolution textures (which can be toggled from optional features), and can change the FPS cap. Compatible with ultrawide monitors, it can also be operated with a keyboard and mouse, as well as a game controller. We want our users to enjoy the Steam version of Rising even more, so after much research, we’ve added optional features so that you can make detailed settings changes for various PC gaming environments, and we want you to be at your most comfortable play next.

In addition, the PC version also has a convenient multiplayer online “voice chat” function, as well as “various filters” that allow you to take photos and screenshots in various atmospheres. Hope you’ll enjoy the elements unique to the PC version of Rising.

Q: Will there be some exclusive missions or events in the PC version of “Rise”?

A: After the release of the Nintendo Switch version of “Rise”, many players hope to release the PC version of “Rise”. The PC version is a game developed to allow PC players to experience the unique hunting of “Rise”. As a result, the extra content necessary for the PC version is being made, but there will be no system changes or feature implementations, exclusive missions, and exclusive events that would make Rising play or experience very different.

Q: Is it possible for the PC version of “Rise” to be cross-platform with the NS version in the future?

A: As we announced, Rising and Dawn are not compatible with cross-platform play and saves.

Q: Is there any follow-up update plan for this chapter of “Rise”?

A: The NS version is currently Ver.3.7.0, but we will still provide event missions regularly.

In addition, a cooperation mission with “Universal Studios Japan” has also been announced, so stay tuned. In addition, the Steam version is scheduled to update the above content in late February 2022.

Q: Last year’s TGA released the new PV of “Dawn”. Is there any new information about the new monsters appearing in the PV?

A: The new monster that appears in the PV is a monster named “Ice Wolf Dragon”, which will be the first monster to appear in “Dawn”. However, we’re not showing the entirety of this monster in the film, but hopefully you can look forward to the Ice Wolf Dragon as it hunts down hunters in unexpected ways.

In addition, this work will use the new base “El Cardo” as the story stage. “El Cardo” is the base for helping hunters in trouble in the film, and it is also a place related to the NPC “Rodna” that appeared in “Rise”. . As for what awaits the player in “El Cardo”. We hope you look forward to follow-up information.

Q: The slightly thin content of this chapter of “Rise” has caused dissatisfaction among some players. Is the update plan of “Dawn” more abundant?

A: In “Dawn”, we are working hard to develop more interesting content. We’re ready to resurrect monsters from previous series, action elements, add new graduation gameplay, and more, so please look forward to future updates. We are preparing to provide new information around spring, so please look forward to it.

Q: What is the release plan of “Dawning” on the PC platform?

A: The Steam version of “Rise” was decided based on the response after the announcement of the Nintendo Switch version, so the release date is different from the Nintendo Switch version, but the Steam version of “Dawn” will be released at the same time as the Nintendo Switch version in the summer of 2022. Like Rise, some stuff like amiibo won’t be included in the Steam version, but basically we’re currently working on it so that we can deliver the same content on both hardware. Hope all PC gaming users are looking forward to Dawn. First of all, I would appreciate it if you could play Rising.

The new story of “Dawn” starts from the final mission of “Rise” (Ver.1.0)[Assembly Mission 7 “Thor”]and the NS version implemented powerful support content[Union Cross]series equipment and[Guardian]in October last year. Shi]we will provide these contents to the players of the Steam version for free, and hope that all players can enjoy and look forward to the content of “Dawn”.

The PC version of

Q: Finally, what else would you like to say to all players?

A: From the release date on January 13, 2022, the Steam version will change the Chinese and Korean fonts commonly used in the game (the font displayed in the demo scene such as monster names and the title of the task table). In addition, the same font change will be made for the Nintendo Switch version in January 2022, so stay tuned.



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