The Penthouse 3 production team apologized for using real-life disaster footage in the series.

series production team The Penthouse 3 SBS has released an official statement. to apologize in case of being criticized When viewers find that footage used in the latest episode of the series It is a picture from an actual disaster that happened in South Korea.

After the airing of the latest episode of the series The Penthouse 3 that aired last night on September 3, many viewers noticed that Actual footage from the Gwangju building collapse earlier this year, as well as footage from the 2017 Pohang earthquake, were used as footage for the series after the Heera Palace. collapse

Shortly after the broadcast This issue became a topic of debate on online community sites. SBS has released an official statement on September 4th to apologize for the issue.

“This is The Penthouse production team.

First of all, we have confirmed that inappropriate footage from the Gwangju Building Collapse and the Pohang Earthquake in 2017 was used during the broadcast of The Penthouse 3 on Wednesday. the 3rd september

We sincerely apologize to the victims and families of the Gwangju building collapse and the victims and families of the Pohang earthquake. including all viewers

After we confirmed the footage in question We have ordered the removal of the scene from all VOD services and reruns. We will also do our best to prevent this from happening again. By investigating why these footage was used through internal investigations.

We bow our heads and apologize once again to all of you who have been hurt and displeased by this incident.”

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