The people looked on, thinking that he was dead; Youth died in an accident in Alappuzha | Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama Online

Thuravur (Alappuzha) ∙ A young man who was injured and left bleeding on the road for 20 minutes after being hit by a car met a tragic end. When the people who had gathered around the accident thought that the young man had died and were standing as spectators, two teachers intervened who came running and took the young man to hospital. He was dead by then.

Dhanish (29), son of Parameswaran, died in Kotamturut raindrop house yesterday at 3 pm on the national highway, Kotamturut Govt. He died in an accident in front of LP school. Dhanish and Rahul (30), a pedestrian passenger, who were returning with a trolley after delivering wood to be sawn to the mill, were hit by the out-of-control car. Rahul was injured but conscious.

Rahul was taken to hospital in an ambulance which was called by the passengers of the car. Dhanish, who was lying still and bathed in blood, is said to have died and was not taken into this. As soon as the accident happened, people rushed but they also thought that Dhanish was dead.

Near Kotamthuruth Govt. M. Dhanya and JC Thomas, who were teaching at LP School, came to investigate after seeing the crowd on the road. Both of them held Dhanish upright and checked his pulse and found that he was alive. The teachers themselves flagged down the passing vehicle. By then, his brother Nidhish had arrived to look for Dhanish. Everyone joined Thuravoor Govt. He was taken to hospital but it was too late.

Dhanish’s mother is Sati. Other Siblings: Bineesh and Nisha. Rahul is being treated at a private hospital in Kochi with serious injuries. The police said that the cause of the accident was that the car broke off while trying to save the scooter driver.

English Summary: A youth died in an accident in Alappuzha