The people of Michigan deal with the bright rocks of the Upper Peninsula

The people of Michigan deal with the bright rocks of the Upper Peninsula

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FILE- In a photo of a file from September 4, 2018, Erik Rintamaki, Brimley, Mich., Releases UV light on a sodalite rock found on the southern bank of Lake Superior. Rintamaki collects and sells the rocks, which have "yooperlites," named and guides tours where he shows others how to see them. It is credited to discover this specific change of sodalite in June 2017. (Scott Brand / The Evening News via AP)

BRIMLEY, Mich (AP) – has a conflict between two of Michigan and recently discovered glowing rocks in the Upper Peninsula.

Erik Rintamaki is credited with acquiring the syenite-rich rocks in 2017 on Lake Superior beach near Brimley. He chose the fluorescent rocks to designate “Yooperlites.”

Rintamaki made a trade mark on the term and took business around the rocks through rock hunting trips to show UV light when it shows others to find them.

Although the name Yooperlite is now Rintamaki's intellectual property, the self-reported personality of the Upper Peninsula Peninsula Jason Asselin does not agree with his trademark, the Detroit Free Press reported.

“He spread the name of this rock as Yooperlite, then he went on and he marketed the word,” said Asselin. “He says no one can use the word in any way.”

The two men said Rintamaki's solicitor sent an exit and enthusiastic order to try to sell Yooperlites on Etsy's ecommerce website without Rintmaki's permission to get it first.

In a YouTube video posted in June 21, Asselin argued that the trademark is disrespectful to Yoopers, as the inhabitants of the Upper Peninsula are well known.

But Rintamaki argues that trading the term was one business decision.

“If I didn't make a trademark. I want to be sued for $ 360,000 from a word I used to use, ”said Rintamaki. “The technical term for these stones is syenite which is rich in fluorescent sodalite. Yooperlite is my fluorescent sodalite brand from Michigan. ”

Anyone can apply for permission to sell the rocks under the name Yooperlites, and added Rintamaki to it.

“If he wanted to use the name online he would have to be an authorized dealer, and there is a process for that,” he said. “I'm happy to work with anyone.”

As an objection, Asselin now tries to rename this brightness rocks as Emberlites Lake Shore. He created a GoFundMe campaign, now infected, to trade the name.


Information from: Detroit Free Press,


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