The Permanent Secretary for Public Health revealed that COVID-19 death statistics have dropped by an average of 2 cases per day due to lack of vaccination.

The Permanent Secretary for Public Health reveals that death statistics from COVID-19 have dropped by an average of 2 cases per day due to lack of vaccination and implores people to be vaccinated. Noting that the time for the acquisition of vaccines is extended, it remains the same, confirming that it can be stopped As for the draft ministerial regulation, possession of more than 1 methamphetamine is equivalent to a trafficker. in the process of hearing the agency’s opinion Before bringing it to the Cabinet meeting.

Today (February 8), Opas Dr Karkawinphong Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health spoke about the draft ministerial regulations for possessing more than 1 tablet of methamphetamine as a trader. After the Ministry of Public Health had a meeting to approve it. The draft ministerial regulations have now been sent to relevant agencies for recognition. which is according to procedure Then it will be presented to the Cabinet meeting to be recognised. And during this period, if the relevant agencies disagree Will he be able to finalize the said draft ministerial regulations or not? In this, he was beyond his own ability. then it will be the duty of the Cabinet

When will it be presented to the Cabinet meeting? I can’t answer myself. Because the duties of the ministry are over. It depends on the cabinet secretary.

Regarding the current situation of COVID-19 in Thailand and improved respectively less infected Last week, the death toll dropped to 2 per day on average, and the majority of them were not vaccinated against COVID-19. Therefore, invite the elderly group and group 608 to vaccinate.

While the Cabinet has approved the extension of the procurement period for the COVID-19 vaccine and whether it will be a newly developed vaccine or not Dr Opas said that you have to talk to the company in this matter, if there is a new one and that a contract exists, you can order it, but the extended contract still orders the same vaccine. but in the meantime If there is a new product He was able to order. The company must be asked if there will be a vaccine or not. and confirm that now Who has enough vaccines and new models? It’s not much better than the old version. Therefore, available vaccines can be injected.

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