The perpetrator of the drunk driving death of an elementary school student in Cheongdam-dong is a local resident… Steering wheel after ‘sober drinking’

A man in his 30s suspected of killing an elementary school student in a child care zone (school zone) while driving while intoxicated on the 2nd was found to be a local resident at the scene of the accident.

On the 4th, the Seoul Central District Court interrogated the suspect (substantial review of the warrant) before arresting Mr. A, the perpetrator of the accident the day before, and issued an arrest warrant, saying, “The crime is serious and then risk of escape.”

Mr. A is accused of killing an elementary school student who was returning home from after-school classes near an elementary school in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul around 4:57 pm on the 2nd.

It was investigated that he hit Group B with his car when turning left into the lane where his house is located in front of the back gate of the elementary school. Group B was taken to a nearby hospital, but died.

After the accident, it was found that Mr. A got out of the car and drove about 40m more to the car park at home.

It is said that Mr. And claimed to the police that he was not aware of the accident. It is said that he moved to the car park of his home and went out to the scene of the accident about 5 minutes later because the environment of the house was noisy. It is known that he told the police before the accident that he drank 1 or 2 beers alone at home and then drove off.

However, at the time, Mr A’s blood alcohol level was found to be at license cancellation level (0.08% or more).

After receiving a report from an eyewitness, the police arrived and arrested Mr A as a current offender. However, Mr. was arrested. And near the scene immediately after the accident, and it was deemed unlikely that he was aware of the accident and continued driving, so the charge of hit and run was not applied.

The police are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident by securing the black box of Mr A’s vehicle.

Reporter Shin Jin-ho

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