The person who left the country was found after 47 days. The man who left his house was found after 47 days.

Instructions: Found the missing person after 47 days. Abdullah (57) was arrested by the police in Manimooli kuttipuram Anchin’s wife Maimuna Para said that she will not see him from August 1. Thi was given. He reportedly reached Sangli in Maharashtra during the investigation. Bhicha. The Bharya district police chief claimed that the investigation was not satisfactory. Filed a complaint.

Following the direction of District Police Officer Sujith Das Special Investigation Team under the leadership of Inspector Manoj Parayat The investigation has been intensified. From Sangli to Abdullah Goa, Mangalore, Kasargod, Kanjangad, Err He came to Nakulam, Perumbavoor and Thiruvananthapuram.The police got a tip off. Recently, it is said that Abdullah, who is missing, has been put in danger and it is necessary to look for him now. The complainant received the message in the name of Ranji’s son from her ex-husband, Gwenu.

Based on this, a number of unidentified dead bodies were examined. A person who does not see this in a search has given up the search and it was also found that Nnatin surrounded the police. Due to money in hand running out, Idukki went to Murikassery Vishwa Gurukul, and also went by the false name of Mr. Sasidharananda. Stay permanently in places where mobile phones are not available, Kattham has created a competition for the investigation team.

SIT in the investigation team. Ajayakumar, SITS Probation Service Saneesh, policemen Riyaz Cheeni, KP Biju, S. Prashant Kumar was produced in Nilambur court. .

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