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The phone numbers of 14 top people including Macron on the ‘Pegasus’ hacking list

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Le Monde “Macron number, managed in Morocco”
Even if the phone number is given, it is not possible to conclude
French Prosecutor’s Office: Morocco accused of spying on French journalists
Investigation against Pegasus developer begins

The possibility has been raised that the mobile phones of 14 former and current national leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, may have been hacked through spyware ‘Pegasus’ developed by Israeli security company NSO Group.

The Washington Post (WP) reported on the 20th that the phone numbers of more than 600 politicians and public officials from 34 countries were found in the list of 50,000 phone numbers that seem to be related to Pegasus by jointly covering 16 global media companies including Le Monde in Paris and The Guardian in England did. This includes the numbers of 14 top-ranking national figures, including the president and former and current prime ministers.

According to the WP, incumbent presidents include Macron of France, Barham Salih of Iraq and Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa. Incumbent prime ministers include Imran Khan of Pakistan, Mustafa Madbuli of Egypt and Saad Dine el Otmani of Morocco. It also contained the numbers of seven former prime ministers of Yemen, Lebanon, Uganda, France, Kazakhstan, Algeria and Belgium, as well as the numbers of Mohammed VI, King of Morocco.

Le Monde reported today that the number of one of Macron’s two iPhones was on a list of contacts believed to be maintained by Moroccan intelligence. Macron’s contacts are said to have appeared regularly from 2017, the year he was elected president, until recently. Just because the phone number was found, it cannot be concluded that they were hacked using Pegasus. To confirm this, we need to secure and test their cell phone devices, but none of them submitted their phones to joint investigative groups such as the WP. French prosecutors have launched an investigation into the NSO group that developed Pegasus. French prosecutors said they were investigating allegations that Moroccan authorities used Pegasus to spy on French journalists.

Pegasus was developed 10 years ago by Israeli security firm NSO Group to monitor terrorists and felons, and is currently exported to about 40 countries.

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