The Pigs gave the Century a 5-0 lead before beating Bingham 6-5 in the frame, defeating Ronnie.

Let’s win until the morning “Pig Paknam” slashes “Stuart Bingham” 6-5 frames after the hot lead 5-0 by making a century break in the decision frame, passing through to the round of 16 to hit the famous star. Ronnie O’Sullivan at the World Snooker Championship in the UK Championship”

World professional snooker tournament “UK Championship 2021”, the biggest event behind only the World Championship Win a total prize money of approximately 45 million baht at York Yarbykan, York City, England, the program for the night of November 29, is a competition in the 3rd round or the last 32 people. The system is 6 in 11 frames.

By the Thai cue player arriving in the round is “Pak Nam” Nopphon Saengkham, currently ranked 45th in the world, meets Stuart Bingham, the world’s 13th local cue player, the latest 4 meeting record “Moo Paknam has only defeated Bingham once at the 2015 World Cup 6 Reds, winning 5-3 in the most recent meeting, losing 2-4 in the third round at the 2018 Gibraltar Open.

Open frame “Pig Pak Nam” hot start The first frame defeated 72-29, came in the second frame, “Pig” made the Century Break defeat 131-0, making it the 95th Century in professional play. And took two more frames then 75-38 and 64-0, leading to 4-0 during the first shake-up session before the 15-minute break.

Come back to fight with “Pig Paknam” escaped to the podium to 5-0 by winning in the fifth frame 83-0, then almost a movie, “Pig Paknam” came together to miss an important moment, causing Bingham who did not have What’s to lose, stab without pressure, hit back with a score of 0-84, chasing 1-5 frames, before robbing in the seventh frame 53-63, chasing 2-5, before collecting two more frames in a row, 21-56 and 32-71, equalizing 5. -5

After leading the lack of 5-0, losing 5 frames in a row became 5-5 amid the shock of Thai snooker fans. Must be judged in the final frame in the early morning of November 30, Thai time. “Pigs” came out in this frame without a chance to survive. When they were right, they missed out on the pink and lost 6 points and got a child at the point ” Bingham “played, the local cued scorer pressed the ball hard because he hoped to continue eating black. But missed the hole and spread the red “Pig Pak Nam” has a chance to fight with a stick-to-stick intention. Before stabbing a single stick, making 121 points of the Century, slashing to win the final 6-5 in a heart-thumping frame.

From the victory in this match, “Pak Nam” has advanced to the 5th round or round of 16, the best record for himself in the “UK Championship” to knock out the world’s top snooker player Ronnie O’Sulli. Van”, who beat Mark King 6-3 frames and qualifying for the round of 16, gives the pigs a guaranteed prize money of around 17,500 pounds, or around 800,000 baht.



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