The pitch was interrupted when the gas cylinder exploded; Afridi with the disclosure

Islamabad: Former Pakistan player Shahid Afridi revealed about the field tampering incident in the Faisalabad Test against England in 2005. Afridi revealed that he asked his teammate Shuaib Malik about this and his reply was to do that.

In 2005, Afridi was banned from one Test and two ODIs by the match umpire for interfering with the pitch during the England-Pakistan Test. Afridi later apologized in this regard. In 2010, he was banned for two T20Is for ripping a ball during an ODI against Australia in Perth.

“It was a good series. That test was in Faisalabad. A test where the ball does not turn or swing. The game was pretty boring. I used all my strength but nothing was happening. Suddenly a gas cylinder explodes. With that, everyone’s attention shifted. Then I told Malik who was nearby that I wanted to turn the ball and felt like cracking the pitch for that. No one is watching, Malik told him to do it. And so I did that.” – Afridi revealed in an interview given to Sama TV. Afridi also said that he now realizes that he was wrong.

Content Highlights: Shahid Afridi recalls the 2005 Faisalabad field tampering incident

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