The plan for the breaks

(Photo by Abbie Parr / Getty Images) Kirk Cousins

The Minnesota Vikings will have less drama at this quarterback site, but a search may provide a few stories.

In command of the 2018 season, the Viking seat seemed to have been the quarterback site in Minnesota. After leaving their full quarterback room in the initial months of the majority, Vikings decided on Kirk Cousins ​​to become a new starter and potential franchisee.

Contracted with a $ 84 million contract and holding the same roster made by Keenum Case well in 2017, Minnesota Cousins ​​had been appointed to get over the public and empowering them to stay on the NFC.

About that …

Although the Chousins ​​season 2018 has gone to some luggage, it will still be a Viking quarterback for the next two years. It may be more interesting than though Minnesota tab could be backup in 2019.

The plan for Viking rates will not be as exciting as it was last year, but it's really looking at what this team could do

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