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The plane didn’t even take off… Trapped in fine dust, all day ‘ash gray sky’

by news dir

Today (the 20th) the sky was gray all day. In particular, a special fine dust advisory was issued in the metropolitan area for the first time in half a year. There was even a thick fog that prevented the plane from taking off. The gray sky that makes it scary to go outside like this is expected to continue until tomorrow.

First news, this is reporter Park Min-gyu.


The road was covered with fog.

All you see is the tail lights of the car in front and the traffic lights.

This is due to thick fog and fine dust.

Even when the day is bright, this stuffiness continues.

Namsan Tower and Gwanghwamun were covered in haze.

The whole city was in a state of ‘zero clock’, where you could not see an inch ahead.

Our reporter team is currently filming the 63 Building in Yeouido.

It also looks blurry.

Even though our location is about 2km straight from the building, it’s not too far away, it’s hard to see.

As this situation continued throughout the afternoon, fewer citizens than usual visited Hangang Park.

[송주희 김성희/서울 천연동 : 반대편 건물이 다 깨끗하게 보이고 사실 남산타워까지도 보이는 자리인데 한 치 앞도 안 보이는 상황이에요. 그래도 나들이 나왔다는 자체가…]

[남상현/충남 천안시 두정동 : 좋은 뷰를 기대했는데 오늘은 거의 안 보이는 수준이라서 실망을 많이 했습니다. (실망을 하셨어요?) 네. 괜히 나왔다…]

Flight cancellations and delays followed one after another due to fine dust and fog that covered the country.

Flight 65 did not take off on time at Gimpo Airport alone.

Fine dust was prevalent not only in the metropolitan area but also in Chungcheong, Gwangju, Daegu, and Ulsan.

As the air flow is not easing, it is expected that tomorrow will be similar.

The concentration of ultrafine dust, which is particularly harmful to the respiratory system, is also high, so be careful.

[윤혜진 채새나/경남 양산시 중부동 : 자고 일어나니까 목이 좀 아프고 코가 좀 막혀서… 기관지 안 좋아질 것 같기도 하고, 눈물도 나는 것 같고요.]

Starting with Jeju tomorrow night, rain and strong winds blow across the country, and the air quality is expected to improve from Monday.

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