The player changes the .22 rifle to the “Apex Heroes” “R-301” assault rifle, which can be fired with live ammunition | 4 Gamers

“Apex Legends” (Apex Legends) has many firearms from the world view of “Titanfall” Although some weapons are too sci-fi to reproduce, some players still put a lot of effort to bring u favorite guns to reality. Recently, foreign modding players have transformed the well-known rifle “R-301” in the game into reality.

YouTuber “Banished_Builds” has converted some “Apex Heroes” weapons in the past, including the Sentinel sniper rifle and the RE-45 pistol pneumatic gun. Now this time he transforms it in the form of buying a real gun to make it real. “R-301” Firing Bullet.

According to the video, Banished_Builds said that he liked R-301 very much, so he bought a .22 rifle for the low price of $150, and used 3D printing technology to reproduce R-301’s appearance in the game.

Because the goal is to transform it into a real gun, he also completely disassembled the rifle, combined and painted it with the printed model, and finally completed the realistic version of R-301, and conducted a test firing in fact.


After all, it was adapted from a .22 rifle. The real version of the R-301 can’t shoot automatically, but at least it still looks good, and it also shows the enthusiasm of the model modification community for creating the world view of “Apex Heroes” . Of course, this can only be done under the condition that foreign laws allow people to have the right to carry guns. People in other countries can only transform toy guns into toy guns at best.


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