Home Sports The playing elder sister Kim On-ah Park Se-ri At this point, we must have a filial piety battle with another level of filial piety.

The playing elder sister Kim On-ah Park Se-ri At this point, we must have a filial piety battle with another level of filial piety.

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‘Playing Sister’ (Photo = E channel)

‘Playing Sister’ battles for another level of filial piety.

On the T-Cast E channel’Playing Sister’, which airs on the 2nd, a battle of filial piety takes place. In addition to the newly appearing archery world No. 1 Ki Bo-bae, Kim On-ah, Nam Hyun-hee, and Park Se-ri are showing a warm filial piety.

On this day, the older sisters who visited Kim On-ah’s hometown Muan start’On-A-Mole’ asking what they did to their parents who worked hard for them. Kim On-ah, who revealed that he had bought a house, surprised her sisters by adding, “I bought a congratulatory message for cattle.” His parents said he wanted to raise a cow, and he revealed the reason for the gift that exceeded expectations, and said, “I don’t have money,” and laughed at him.

The next target goes to Ki Bo-bae, who first appeared on this day. As an archery legend that swept gold medals, Ki Bo-bae said, “I came here to buy a house before I got married,” and said that she also gave a house gift.

Nam Hyun-hee is impressed once more by telling her that she divided the savings account into two for her parents and one for marriage, and that she gave her parents the amount of money she had saved for five years.

While the hearts of the parents who sacrificed for the children of the athletes and the elder sisters who are filial piety who know their gratitude and want to return them are heartwarming, Se-ri Park’s words ruin the scene. “I gave it all too,” said Se-ri Park, who continued her filial piety, “Do you know why I live so hard? “Because I have to earn now,” she sang Park Jang Dae-so with the sense of a professional entertainer.

Meanwhile, the older sisters located in the pension are divided into the Pak Se-ri team and the Kim On-a team for dinner, and start the octopus cooking contest that is comparable to the Korean food confection. Main chef Se-ri Pak prepares an octopus bath with an exciting shoulder dance, and Yu-mi Han helps Se-ri Park by aiming for the position of the chief assistant. Ona Kim’s team says that they are preparing an octopus horongi full of fire, reminiscent of BTS”Burning on Fire’, so they look forward to cooking that stimulates the salivary glands to see what kind of transformation they will show.

‘Playing Sister’ is broadcast every Tuesday at 8:50 pm.

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