Home News The police arrested the provost of almost 5 million methamphetamine pills and confessed to doing it 4 times.

The police arrested the provost of almost 5 million methamphetamine pills and confessed to doing it 4 times.

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23 Nov 20 – At the Metropolitan Police Headquarters (N.O.), Lt. Col. Phakphong Phongphetra, Lt. Col. Maj. Gen. Somboon Thiankhao, Deputy Chief of Staff of NEDA And relevant officials Announcement of the arrest of Phra Kru Sumeth Pariyatakit or Natthaphumin, 39 years old, Phra Maha or Sint Sumeth, 30 years old, Mr. Panuwit or Aun, 26 years old, Mr. Pichai or Chai, 44 years old and Mr. Samrueng or young age 44 years with the seizure of 4.8 million methamphetamine pills, 1 firearm with ammunition, 2 cars and 11 mobile phones

Lt. Col. Phakphong said the case was an extension of the arrest of the suspect with 3.6 million pills in a village. In the Lam Luk Ka district, Khlong 3, Lam Luk Ka district, Pathum Thani province on 24 August, by investigating The accused would use a van to transport drugs. By having a monk ride with a car to disguise and reduce suspicion from the authorities So he investigated and stalked for more than 3 months until he learned that the accused had rented a room in Chainat Province. As a resting point To prepare to deliver drugs to the network Therefore able to arrest and arrest the object

From the investigation of all the suspects Especially Phra Provost Sumeth Confess that Know that there is a hidden drug inside the car. And had done this 4 times, the previous time on Aug. 24, which had rented a room close to the 4th time, the part decided to do it because he needed money to study for a master’s degree. Initially, the police charged with “joint possession of category 1 narcotics (methamphetamine) for sale, possession of firearms and ammunition without permission. And carried a firearm with him to the city Without permission. “Before detaining the accused, send the investigation officer NCCC to continue legal action

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