The police chief bounced Superintendent Huai Khwang to Nong Chok Police Station, Sen Poison set up a checkpoint to reed Taiwan stars.

On February 1, 2023 in the Royal Thai Police Reporters reported that Pol Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat, the chief commander of the Police, signed an order to the Pol. Col. Yingyot Suwanno, superintendent of Huai Khwang Police Station Going to take a job at Nong Chok Police Station because the accountant reported that Police officers should be transferred to collect evidence In the case of some police officers under Huang Kwang Police Station, some of them have deficiencies in perform their duties. and who is suspected of having committed a disciplinary or criminal offense to be honest and fair to all parties

Therefore, by virtue of Section 178 of the Royal Thai Police Act BE 2565, the appointment and appointment of police officers changed. by transferring the old rate of pay to pay for the new job or being absent from the old rate of pay to receive a new rate of pay From 1 February onwards

Police Colonel Sukrit Mangkhalasawat was ordered to do so Superintendent of Police Station Rat Burana who was originally ordered to take the position Superintendent of Police Station Nong Chok went to the position of Superintendent of Police Station Huai Khwang instead.


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