The Police Commander-in-Chief orders the intensive prosecution of the Macau 888 gambling website

The Deputy Commissioner of Police reveals that the Police Commissioner has ordered intensive prosecution of the suspects in the Macau 888 movement. coordinated to surrender

On February 7, 2023, Matichon reported that Pol Gen. Torsak Sukwimon, Deputy Commissioner of the National Police, has said that the start of the Macao 888 operation stems from the interest of the social media in the case that the actress Dew Arisara came out to give information so it was reported to Pol Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat national police chief to investigate

Pol Gen. Damrongsak Emphasis on work clothes as well as giving advice on working all the time Until it became the origin of the Macau 888 operation, as it appeared yesterday, the AAC working group had searched luxury cars in different places in Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima. It was reported that he knew about the progress of the operation.

Pol Gen asked. Damrongsak about the progress made How much evidence can be gathered from the proceedings now? And will he be able to issue arrest warrants for those involved? In this section, the work set was said to have issued arrest warrants for those involved in the horse account and the mastermind, who is the main character. and the arrest of one main character

However, it must be understood that citizens may question why not all arrest warrants have been issued. In this section, it must be explained that the main characters of the authorities intend to collect all the evidence that seems to inform the accusation as concisely as possible. because he did not want the case to go to court and the accused group was rejected

If evidence of financial trails appears to be linked to anyone, further arrest warrants must be issued. But if there is no fault We will not use the method of casting nets.

“What the public is paying attention to is the fact that some of the suspects are still hiding or fleeing abroad. Including government officials who may be involved in helping Who, if there is clear evidence, must be brought in for questioning And if any part of the crime is found, legal action will be taken. The National Police Commissioner has emphasized that all cases must be prosecuted. If there is evidence linking anyone

It also emphasizes if any police officer is involved Or even alert the police if you do something illegal. by using authority Or even uniformed police officers coming to take advantage, resign, do not come to stay and discredit the National Police Agency. Including a warning to police Officers who behave in this way If it is found, action must be taken,” said the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Pol Gen Torsak said that Currently, the group of accusers abroad have coordinated to turn themselves in. who reported to the National Police Commissioner who assigned the Cyber ​​Police working group to proceed with the procedure that we will have no conditions as to whether the steps should be followed Not that he returned and surrendered himself and had to get insurance. Surrender is about giving up. Bail is a matter of justice.

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