The police granted bail to the manager of a child star eatery under the guarantees of 1.5 hundred thousand – conditions: PPTVHD36

The police granted bail to the parenting star’s manager Submit 1.5 hundred thousand warrants and have conditions that do not interfere with evidence – come report as indicated.

Technology Crime Investigation Police 4 lead a search of a house in Soi Watcharapol 3, Sai Mai District, Bangkok, which is the home of “Mr. A”, a famous manager and model with many new actors under his wing.

From the investigation, Mr. And to testify. by accepting that the actual course of action has been opened but without committing an indecent act of being bullied He will ask to fight the case in court and not to worry I am sure you will win the case.

Arrested Bang Khen Police Station The “famous manager” made obscene force “Children in the subordinate” gave himself a bird.

Take a look at the state-of-the-art standard taxi ‘Toyota Thai TAXI’, looking at the transformation of Thailand’s public vehicles

Maj Gen said. Thitawat Suriyachai, Chief of Police Sor Tor 4, that the accused has a career as a model person. and teaching acting courses to teenagers who want to join the industry using the home of a famous teenage star as a training facility The house where the crime took place had two floors and was divided into several private rooms.

In October last year, the victim, an 18-year-old teenager, went to study acting at that house. and the accused lived when there were not many people at the victim’s home indecent inside a private room The investigation believes that in addition to this victim 2-3 other acting students may be subject still the same indecent act. and checking the accused’s mobile phone. There were also chat messages that resembled sexual harassment of the victim. and the pictures are bright too.

Police Colonel Anan Worasat, Superintendent of Bang Khen Police Station revealed that After questioning the famous manager Reported an allegation of indecency over a person over 15 years old, with the investigator granting bail in the amount of 150,000 baht with conditions not to interfere with the evidence. and report to the investigating officer as indicated After this, the investigating officer will collect evidence and send it to the prosecutor for legal proceedings.

“Attorney Tam” is not afraid of being sued. tell the cursed post without identifying anyone

The Meteorological Department announces Cor 4 “Storm yr Haf”, check the areas prone to landslides, 26-29 March.

Today’s weather! Thailand is hot, up to 41 degrees. Southern areas are getting rain, warning Isaan to deal with the storm.


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